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Semeru Mountain is one of the active volcanoes that could be

found in Indonesia. This mountain is located at East java and also

considered as one of the biggest active mountains in Indonesia. The

mountain is located about 3,676 meters above the sea level. There are

many people who want to visit this mountain. This mountain is also very

popular among people who love mountain climbing as well. If you want to

visit this mountain, there are important details that you might need to

know before you start your journey.

Preparation is very important thing for those of you who want to climb

Semeru Mountain. Proper preparation will allow you to

climb this mountain in safer and more comfortable way. First thing that

you should notice is what gears and tools that you should bring with you.

The tools and gears that you should bring may vary depend on your

experience in mount climbing. You also need to notice the logistic that

you bring as well. To prepare the tools and the gears that you should

bring when climb this mountain, there is a list that you could use as

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The next thing that you should get when you want to climb

Semeru Mountain is the details and information about the

condition of this mountain. Sometimes, the mount will be closed for

visitors due to bad weather or other natural condition. It’s very

important for you to get information about the route that you’re

going to take as well. There are also several rules that you might need

to follow when you want to climb this mountain as well to guarantee your

own safety.

Once you’ve got details and information about Semeru

Mountain, the next thing that you should do is creating trip

management. Planning your route and scheduling your activities are very

important keys in climbing this mountain. With good trip

management, you will be able to climb this mountain in more comfortable

way. You also could save more time as well if you have good planning on

the route that you’re going to take while climbing this


Preparing your ticket is also an important aspect that you should

notice before you start your journey to this mountain. If you came from

outside East Java such as Jakarta or Bandung, you might need to buy bus

ticket or train ticket. Some people outside Java Island even need to buy

plane ticket. Don’t forget to pay attention to your own physical

condition before and during the climbing of Semeru

Mountain so that you could prevent any health issues.

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