Go Indonesia :: Enjoy The Beauty Of Sibolga Beach City


Sibolga Beach City is one part of West Sumatra. Most people are more familiar with Bali as the island of a thousand beaches and various tourist destinations. However, the charm of the city owned Sibolga not inferior to what was in Bali. Sibolga is a small town but has a beauty and charm that is extraordinary. With easier access, is expected to attract tourists to get to know and visit the town of Sibolga in West Sumatra.

Various tourist destinations can captivate the tourists both local and foreign. One of the most famous tourist destinations of this small town is Pandaratan. This cave is right on the shoreline of Sibolga. This cave is one of the natural caves formed by the pounding sea waves repeated in hundreds of years.

In addition to the natural cave Pandaratan, Sibolga city still has several different tour destinations that are also interesting. Si Buni-Buni waterfall is a hidden waterfall that position to give the impression of this waterfall as the shy waterfall. We can also see the Island Princess with a natural beauty that is still very natural.

In Sibolga, we also can visit Pandan Beach that is located in coastal areas. The beach was very crowded with visitors both weekdays and holidays. If you want to know more about the city of Sibolga, you can visit goindonet or goindonet.com that offers complete Indonesia tourism info. You can get a variety of information about Sibolga Beach City in go Indonesia.