Go Indonesia :: Interesting Solo Holiday Vacations To Visit

Solo holiday vacations come with some options to choose from a shopping center to a historical place. You can choose what kind of holiday you want to decide where you want to go. Solo is a great place to visit for those who want to get some experience of shopping and going around the town looking at some beautiful places. You can get a complete Indonesia tourism info about Solo here and you will also get some idea about the destinations that you will visit there.

Solo Holiday Vacations for Spending Some Good Time

Pasar Klewer is the first place to visit when you come to Solo because it has everything you need for shopping. This is a place for batik because you can find almost anything related with batik such as bags, clothes and even souvenirs. This can be a good place to get some nice stuff for your family before going home. Since batik is originally coming from Indonesia, then it would be great for buying some and bring home. Get some good time in Surakarta Palace and enjoy the beautiful historical building. It is located near Pasar Klewer so that you can easily get there. Find more Solo holiday vacations to get your holiday well planned