Exotic Telaga Warna Tour Presented from Goindonet.com


Telaga Warna tour is one of recommended place from Goindonet.com that you should visit here. Located in a complex of Dieng Plateau at Wonosobo, Central Java, you can go here from Yogyakarta or Semarang at about 3-4 hour by using motorcycle or car. It’s a special place, where you can enjoy amusing scenery from the lake with different colors. Near this lake, there is also Telaga Pengilon that has the clear pure water. Are you curious enough? Let’s check out the quick review about this stunning destination.

Get the Epic Selfie Ever from Ratapan Batu Angin in Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna means a “colored lake”, which refers to different color on this lake caused by the algae and microorganism on the lake. You can enjoy the scenery around this lake with the relaxing air. The best time to go Dieng is on the summer vacation. It usually has sunny climate, which is nice to explore this place.

Near the Telaga Warna, there is also Telaga Pengilon. It’s also a cool lake, which has meaning as the “mirrored lake”. If you want to get epic scenery from the higher spot, then just go to the Ratapan Batu Angin near the Dieng Plateau Theater. You can get amazing selfie in here. Of course, Telaga Warna tour offers awesome experience on how to enjoy the nature differently.