Go Indonesia :: Sweet Berry, The Largest Strawberry Garden In West Java


Sweet berry is a large strawberry garden located in Puncak,

Bogor, and West Java. Like its name, this is a place where organic

strawberries are grown. The visitors have an opportunity to harvest the

strawberries and eat them. So, it offers a different way of buying

strawberries where the buyers now can take their own strawberries

directly from the trees. It will guarantee that you can get only fresh

and nice taste strawberries.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia

tourism info

There are some holiday packages offered in this place to allow the

visitors choose what they want to do in this agro

tourism destination. The cheapest

vacation package includes the ticket, drinking fresh strawberry

juice, harvesting 0.25 strawberries and 0.5 kilograms of vegetables your

own. The more expensive the package, the more services that you will get.

The second package includes the same services as the first one with a

lunch box and strawberry seeds as the extras. The third option is also

more expensive, but it includes more services, which are fishing and

grilling the fish. You will get more packages from the place by choosing

the more expensive ones, the fourth and the fifth package. So, choose

your package and enjoy your good time harvesting the strawberries in

Sweet berry. go indonesia sweet berry, sweet berry