Go Indonesia:: The Beauty Of Banyu Tibo Beach


If you like to spend your vacation in beautiful beach, this place is definitely the best choice for you. This beach is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pacitan. There are so many people from other cities in Indonesia that came to this beach in order to see its beauty. These days, tourists from other countries outside Indonesia even came to this beach since it became so popular.

Besides beautiful beach, you also could find beautiful waterfall not far from the beach area. Both the beach and the waterfall in Banyu Tibo offer natural beauty that you might not find in other places. The beach is so beautiful with smooth sand and clear water. If you came from Solo, you could reach Pacitan within three hours. From the city you go straight to Klayar Beach and you will reach this beach within a half to an hour drive. To enter he beach you need to pay for ticket with quite affordable price.

If you want to get complete Indonesia tourism info about this beach, you could visit goindonet or goindonet.com, a website where you could find various details about tourist attractions in Indonesia. If you are a tourist who came from other countries outside Indonesia, information about go Indonesia program might be very useful for you. Visit Banyu Tibo Beach now and witness it beauty with your own eyes.