Go Indonesia :: Use Bargaining Skill To Save When Shopping Merchant



If you want to stay on budget when shopping around during your visit in

Indonesia, you should have the bargaining skill. As a

traveler, it is important to keep your savings safe.

Travel ingin around a country, especially the huge one like Indonesia

may tempt you to spend some to take local stuff home. Unless you are

ready with the over-spending, you need to make sure to watch how and to

where your cash flows. Learning the bargaining skill can

help you press the budget.

Get Low Prices of Merchandise with Bargaining


Southeast Asia is known for their friendly people including the

Indonesians. Negotiating has been part of their business too. In the

popular tourism destination like Indonesia, it is common to see sellers

and buyers haggling about merchandises’ price. No matter your

budget, it is possible to get surprisingly low cost with the

bargaining skill.

If it is your first time to visit Indonesia, you may feel intimidated

with the prices of stuff offered in this country. However, folks say that

getting the merchandises right from where they are produced can save you

some. This saying is true, as long as you know how to negotiate with the

sellers. Learn about several general techniques in bargaining

skill to get the things you want at the fair price without

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Tips on Bargaining Skill

Souvenirs are most-searched stuff by tourists. You surely need to get

some as the special reminders of great places you have ever visited. When

shopping around, one of matter to consider is the price. If you feel fine

with it, you can just pay as what is charge. In fact, the actual price is

probably a half cheaper. If you are interested to know the best deal

available on the merchandise, you can learn about the bargaining skill by

reading the following tips:

  • Never think that you are smarter than the sellers

You can consider haggling as a fun game. Even if you have done many

times, make sure you still keep the respect to your opponent. The seller

may congratulate your good bargaining skill and give you

the wanted merchandise lower than the actual cost. It is his sense of

humor to amuse you and people nearby.

  • Never bargain to stuff you are not going to buy

Go with etiquette when haggling with the merchandise sellers. It is

unwise to keep negotiating and make a vendor accept the price you ask,

and then you just walk away without buying any.

  • Let the vendor start making an offer

Take your time to take a look around the stall. The first rule in

bargaining skill is waiting for the vendor making the

first offer. If it is not suitable with your expectation, you can

consider a lower offer or simply walk away looking for other vendors.

  • Smile when practicing the bargaining skill

Remember that it is a game with etiquette.  If you can’t

get the item at the price you ask, you should not be angry. It is fine to

walk away rather than forcing yourself to buy and turn your head on with

emotion. Just smile and relax. A good sense of humor even helps breaking

the ice between you and the seller. If he also likes the way you talk and

bargaining skill, he may not hesitate to say yes.

  • Learn Bahasa language

Local vendors usually charge higher to foreigner tourists. They think

that you have a lot of money to spend. It is a common and quite

understood thought. If you still want to look for the best deal, you can

bargain by using some key words in Bahasa or Indonesian language. It is

important in bargaining skill. If it is uneasy top

pronounce the number, you can borrow the calculator or bring one on your

own. A pen and paper can also help communicate with the sellers.

The bargaining skill is easy to learn. You can

possibly get the best deal not too higher with the actual price. It takes

patience. You should not easily get tempted to use emotion when the

vendor still does not want to accept your request. Importantly, consider

the purpose and usage of the stuff before shopping. Take the advantage of

the bargaining skill only to buy things you need.