Go Indonesia :: Tips To Explore Indonesia On Motorbike



There are many ways to explore Indonesia. The country offers countless tourism attractions to discover. If you want versatility, riding a motorbike is the best way to get the most of your [link:67]traveling[/link] experience. You can join a go Indonesia tour, so you won’t get lost.

How to Explore Indonesia by Riding a Motorcycle

Can you ride a motorcycle? If you can, that is good. You won’t find serious troublesome when riding one in [link:71]Indonesia[/link]. Moreover, it is the ideally cheap [link:32]vacation[/link] idea as a backpacker. You can even set your own schedule and decide which places to go. Here are some tips to guide your trip when you explore Indonesia on bike:

  • Keep the lights on and always use the turn signals when you are riding the motorbike.
  • Use your horn when passing another vehicle to warn other drivers.
  • Slow the ride down when you are about to cross a bridge or railroad.
  • Be aware of holes and gaps in the pavement.
  • Take time learning the basic directions, including the green road signs in Indonesian language.
  • Stop at Pertamina, the national gasoline chain in the country to get your tank full and take a rest when you get tired of riding.

If you still feel afraid to make the trip on yourself, you can look for a trusted local tour agency and obtain the [link:52]complete indonesia tourism info[/link]. You can explore Indonesia on a motorbike by following the most preferred tour plan.

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