Enchanting Tourism Waterfall, Tegenungan, Gianyar, Bali

Tegunungan Waterfall

Usually, tourists who go on holiday to Bali, they will visit tourist attractions, such as Kuta and Ubud. But now there is one tourist attraction that offers a beautiful location in Gianyar Bali, namely Tegenungan waterfall.

Has a height of about 4 meters, but the water discharge is quite a lot. In addition to seeing the views of the Tegenungan waterfall, when you are in this location you can also see the temple and also the fountain of water, which comes from natural springs.


Location of Tegenungan Waterfall

When you arrive at the location, there is a vehicle parking space for visitors, here there are quite a number of small shops offering souvenirs for souvenirs when returning home. To reach the location of the waterfall, you will still be walking. Think carefully about your ability to adjust to age because you will go down a lot of stairs. While if you are fifty years old or older, you should not, especially if you have symptoms of osteoporosis.

When it comes down, the weight of the knee joint will be heavier, when the return must rise, in addition to the influence of the joint will also drain stamina.

Once again remember, you have to go down hundreds of stairs, this really doesn’t feel tired. But when you have to go back to the parking lot, you have to climb the stairs. Not only does it still affect the joints too, here can be a test of your stamina endurance. Hopefully, you succeed and survive and stay happy and excited about traveling.

If you just want to see the beauty of the waterfall, from the steps you can see it. With a blend of shady trees that flank on the left and right of the view the mountain waterfall looks beautiful.

Indeed, each waterfall has its own uniqueness. Try to write here the beauty of what you feel, the uniqueness of the water you visit and what satisfaction you get from it. Approximately how you describe it to families who are left behind and what their response is.

Apparently, this waterfall tourist attraction has another name, Kemenuh Waterfall. Because the location is in the village of Kemenuh, Gianyar regency. The location of this waterfall is closest to South Bali. This is the only waterfall in the lowlands.

To reach the location, if you stay in the Kuta tourist area, this will take a distance of 33 km with a time of about 1 hour 20 minutes. Not bad, no need to rush because the scenery can be enjoyed along the way, which is not in your place.

Entrance Facilities and Tickets

In this waterfall tourism object, it has facilities such as a parking lot for vehicles, a simple warung stall selling drinks and food. When this tourist spot has Bunjee Jumping you are charged an entrance fee of Rp.4,000 for adults and Rp.2,000 for children. But now there is no more, so there is no entrance fee to this waterfall tour.
However, to pay for maintenance from this tourist location, every visitor is charged an entrance ticket. The entry ticket is charged Rp. 15,000 per person
If you want to come here it’s best during the rainy season so you can see the waterfall with a swift water discharge. But if during the rainy season, you should not take a bath, it can be a risk because the water is very heavy.

Additional information you need to know about Tegenungan waterfall tours is that there is no public transportation infrastructure, ideally using your own vehicle is more comfortable. If you want to rent a car, just browse the internet. Many car rental service providers are online and you can search and choose easily
And instead of bothering on the road because the roads are damaged, it’s good to rent a car with the driver, because you don’t know the terrain.
If you have a plan to buy Balinese souvenirs as a by your tour, the good news is that you don’t need to go to Bali, shopping there can be expensive, that near Tegunungan Waterfall, not far away, there is the Sukawati art market, already famous. Lots of Balinese specialties there, and many people decided to shop there. Well, you can smartly choose and bargain, you can get a cheap price, it’s OK. Have fun. Don’t forget worship.
Write your travel experience here, we are very excited to hear it. Regards.

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