Go Indonesia :: Main Surfing Paradises In Indonesia


From many destinations, surfing paradises in Indonesia could be your goal. Vast marine area in this world’s largest archipelago is completed with outstanding surfing spots with international reputation. You not only get the high quality wave, but you get the beauty you will not see elsewhere. Get the information here at goindonet.

For international surfers, Bali and Lombok are most famous place of surfing spots. Waves in different types and unique winds on hundreds surfing spots is worthwhile. Uluwatu and Padang are legendary choices in Bali while Gili Trawangan and Desert Point are Lombok’s famous. The well-known go Indonesia destination for surfing and the area is tourism well managed, amenities and facilities are abundant although crowd may annoy you.

If you wish the real surfing paradises in Indonesia, where exceptional waves surprise you and the location gives you space to relax far from crowd, go to Mentawai. High level of serious surfing is on Mentawai. Surfing events in international level are there. Another option is Hinako Island with consistent overhead surf as the reputation. Nevertheless, those destinations are located in remote area where transportation is not widely available. Of course, it needs effort to reach paradise.

When you decide to surf in Indonesia, get complete Indonesia tourism info in order to make the stay enjoyable. Enjoy culture and cuisine will complete your trip, while enjoying surfing paradises in Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Things To Do In Jakarta Aside Of Business


Things to do in Jakarta could give you great idea to spend your time in the capital of Indonesia. Business purpose is the reason to come to Jakarta. While business only is boring, is needed to have fun. Here are some ideas from goindonet.

As metropolitan city, you can find numerous shopping malls as well as lively nightlife places. Yet, malls and bars are just quite similar in many part of the world. If you like it, do it to rid stress.

If common metropolitan activities were boring, museums would be something interesting for you who wish to know the history. Monas is where you can learn the history of Indonesia, Old Batavia/Kota Tua where numerous Old Dutch buildings are preserved would be good option to know the Jakarta in the past.

Similar with other metropolitan city, social diversity in Jakarta creates colorful cultures. However, Betawi people are working hard to make local culture preserved. Betawi Cultural Village Setu Babakan is one place to enjoy Betawi arts and culture.

Complete Indonesia tourism info will not complete without cuisine info. When you go Indonesia and visit Jakarta, do not forget to try Betawi cuisines such as soto betawi and kerak telor to complete things to do in Jakarta.

Go Indonesia :: Dayak Ethnic Culture And Living


Dayak is indigenous ethnic in Kalimantan or the island of Borneo. The

island is well known for its diversity of nature but

actually, dayak ethnic also diverse in culture.

There are more than 50 ethnic groups of Dayak, each with different

languages, customs, and traditions. In general, Dayak people are

recognized by their tattoo and colorful beads clothes. Community living

is common in Dayak ethnic. Under one roof,

numerous families live in separate apartment inside a long house. The

house is very long up to 150 meters with central corridor is used by the

people as communal area. Kanyan, Kenyah, Iban are main subgroups of Dayak

people who live in long houses. These days, only several groups still

live in long house while the others already move into individual house.

People of Dayak made living in various ways, mostly in agricultural with

plating rice, vegetables, and fruits. The other common activities are

hunting, fishing, and collecting honey. Borneo is famous for its rain

forest and people of Dayak are accustomed to live in the jungle with high

knowledge of plants and animals as well as ability to track animal and

human trails. Most Dayak people also have creative skills. The women are

famous for their woven cloth named pua kumbu[img:]pua-kumbu.jpg[/img]

while the men are famous for their ceramic jar named tajau[img:]

tajau.jpg[/img].Such is Indonesia, the deeper you explore, the more you

fascinated this country with its cultural diversity. So no wonder the

tourists repeatedly visit into the land, which is rich with

everything.Hope it is useful.

Go Indonesia :: Kalimantan The Paradise For Adventurer


Kalimantan is part of Borneo that owned by Indonesia. Although

the land area is the largest compared to other islands in Indonesia, the

population is sparse. The reason is vast rain forests that make it

paradise for adventurer who go Indonesia for

uncharted jungles.

Rain forests in Borneo are bio-diverse area with thousands of plants

and hundreds animal species grow and live there. It is very old

rainforest from 130 million years ago. Borneo rainforest is even older

than Amazon rain forest. One famous endangered species that live in

natural Borneo habitat is orang utan.

Many Indonesia’s national parks are located

in this island. Those are Danau Sentarum, Betung Kerihun, Bukit Baka

Bukit Raya, Gunung Palung, Tanjung Puting, Kayan Mentarang, Kutai, and

Sabangau. Tanjung Puting is World Network of Biosphere Reserves and Danau

Sentarum is Ramsar Site.

Although population is sparsely, Kalimantan is rich

of culture. The famous tribe in the island is Dayak tribe. Superstitious

believe still play important part in the culture. Gemstones and beads

arts are two famous souvenirs. When you go to Banjarmasin, enjoy the

floating market where people sell various products on the boat.

Since Indonesian part of the island is sparsely

populated with vast rain forest area, arranged tour is recommendable for

better transportation. You can get complete Indonesia tourism

infoand information for accommodation in goindo

net. You will enjoy Kalimantan in better


Go Indonesia :: Bandung The Cooler Highland Of Java


While Indonesia is well known for hot climate, Bandung

gives you a little bit cooler atmosphere. Located in highland, the city

is now a famous tourism destination. Although it mostly popular among

domestic tourists, international travellers will see it as enthralling

option. Here some hint from goindonet


Among tourists, the city is famous for its cuisines and

fashion. Thousands of food stalls and countless restaurants serve

abundant type of cuisines from the local Sundanese foods to international

cuisines to fusion cuisines.

Fashion in this city is high quality but come in nice price tag. As

the city with many clothing factories, you can found lot of factory

outlets (FO) that sell leftover products in half-price. Different story

of Bandung comes from distribution store or Indonesian

commonly short it by distro. You can find products of local designers who

sell their indie label products in those places.

Although it is considered metropolitan city, go

Indonesia traveler who visit this city also come for

exquisiteness of nature. A bit far from the center of the city, Tangkuban

Perahu Mountain offers beautiful crater to enjoy. Then, something you

should not miss is the White Crater/Kawah Putih in Ciwidey.

To complete Indonesia tourism info of this particular

city, numerous historical buildings and areas such as Gedung Sate and

Gedung Merdeka are worth to be checked. In Indonesia

history, Bandung played significant role.

Go Indonesia :: Semarang Culinary Vacation List



There is a long list of Semarang culinary vacation

that Goindonet will share to you as a useful

information before experiencing the great taste of foods from Semarang.

There are so many famous restaurants that can be visited because they

offer nice tasted foods and services. You can try what you have not tried

before and you might get addicted. If you want something affordable to

eat at night, go to Warung Semawis, which offers many options of foods

from many small restaurants. However, it is opened only on Friday,

Saturday and Sunday at night. You can find many options of oriental foods

including Chinese foods.

Options of Semarang Culinary Vacation

If you love seafood, then Rumah Makan Kampung Laut is the best place

to get the best seafood in Semarang. This is more than just a place to

eat, but this is also a place to do fishing. The unique eating area of

this restaurant is the most interesting thing. You can enjoy the seafood

while seeing the fishing center near the eating area. There are many

kinds of seafood available and they are fresh from the water. It depends

on what you want to eat and where you want to eat to find the best

Semarang culinary vacation because there are many places

available for providing best Semarang foods for you.

Go Indonesia :: Some Options Of Kudus Culinary Vacations


As Kudus Culinary vacations in Kudus are full

of delicious traditional foods. However, this is actually what people

look for when they come here. Kudus has a great taste of traditional

foods that have been popular around Indonesia. To

experience the original taste of traditional foods from Kudus, it will be

better to come directly to this place and try the nice taste foods.

Located in Central Java, Kudus really offers a wide range of nice foods

for both foreign and domestic travelers coming here.goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Lenthog Tanjung is one of the best foods of Kudus to try because it

really has amazing taste everyone will enjoy. This food is made of a

combination of lontong, a kind of rice made into a tube, solid form and

lodeh, a traditional food of Kudus with tofu and soup made of coconut

milk. Once you try it, you will really want to retry it. The most

interesting about this food is the affordable price every traveler can

buy because it will not make your wallet empty. Soto Kudus is another

great food to experience in Kudus. This is made of a combination of soup,

rice and chicken sliced into pieces and you can eat it with chili sauce

and ketchup. This is really one of the best Kudus culinary

vacations to enjoy.

Go Indonesia :: Experience The Great Taste Of Palembang Culinary


Food lovers should never skip Palembang culinary when

visiting Indonesia since it offers a wide range of delicious foods with

original Indonesian seasonings to experience. Pempek Palembang is the

famous food of Palembang that can be found in many other areas in

Indonesia as well. Pempek is very popular because it offers a great taste

that will make people just want it more and more. It is made of mashed

mackerel fish that is made into different shapes and it is then steamed.

Pempek is served with sauce as a snack or desert. The combination of

mackerel fish with the sour Pempek sauce is really incredible. Because of

the popularity, every corner of Palembang is full of Pempek.goindonet,

go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


Another great desert to try in Palembang is Es Kacang Merah. This is a

great desert made of red beans and ice combined with syrup and milk. It

has sweet, fresh and creamy taste that you will love. This is a good

option of desert because it is healthy considering it contains red beans

as the main ingredient. Like Pempek, Es Kacang Merah is also easy to find

in every corner of Palembang. Now since you have the options, you can

start your touring to experience Palembang culinary that

will make you happy have every come to Indonesia.