Goindonet.com Offering You Epic Drini Beach Exploration



Drini Beach is an awesome beach in Yogyakarta that recommended for you by Goindonet.com. It’s a special beach with different setting. The white sand on the beach might be a common thing that you just felt bored. On this case, how if you get a tropical climate for better sunbathing, a white sand with dramatic blue-green colored sea and an epic coast made from the nature coral reef? Drini beach can be a good answer.

Coastal Reef with Breezy Air in Drini Beach

Located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, you can reach this beach at about 1 – 2 hour by using motorcycle or a car. The accommodation to this beach is cheap enough. You just need to spend at about IDR 50.000 (about five bucks) to come here. After you reach the beach, welcome to the hidden paradise! There is epic horizon awaiting you on this place.

You can enjoy awesome scenery from the coastal reef hills. It has dramatic look from the higher place on Drini. Several gazebos are also available to get some relaxation with awesome scenery from this place. It’s a recommended thing for you to come here during the summer season. Well, let’s put Drini Beach on your next destination list and hope this information brings new inspiration for you.

Goindonet.com Engages You to See the Mesmerizing Sikunir Sunrise


Sikunir Sunrise can be an awesome attraction that Goindonet.com sure you will get an amazing experience here. Located at the same place on the Dieng complex, right on Wonosobo, Central Java, you can go here from Semarang or Yogyakarta at about 3-4 hour by using motorcycle or car. Because this experience is about to catching the sunrise, it’s better for you to come here at one night before the sunrise.

Sikunir Sunrise and Its Awesomeness

Just go to Sikunir from Yogyakarta or Semarang at about 04 pm. You will reach Sikunir, Dieng at about 8 or 9 pm. Near the Sikunir Hill, there is a large field that you can use as the camping. However, you also can get some homestay if you prefer to get the better space to rest. Remember, the night situation on this area can be very cold. It’s better to pack your thick jacket so you can get a good clothing support.

When the time shows at about 3 a.m, it’s a perfect time for you to go to the Sikunir Hills. Usually, there is always domestic tourists that also come along with you. You don’t have to worry to get lost. Prepare some drink! You need to climb the hill with extra power. If you reach the top of Sikunir Hill, now just wait the sunrise to come. Ladies and gentleman, here are epic sunrise that will melt your brain! It’s a dramatic Sikunir Sunrise that can be a part of your frozen memory.

Exotic Telaga Warna Tour Presented from Goindonet.com


Telaga Warna tour is one of recommended place from Goindonet.com that you should visit here. Located in a complex of Dieng Plateau at Wonosobo, Central Java, you can go here from Yogyakarta or Semarang at about 3-4 hour by using motorcycle or car. It’s a special place, where you can enjoy amusing scenery from the lake with different colors. Near this lake, there is also Telaga Pengilon that has the clear pure water. Are you curious enough? Let’s check out the quick review about this stunning destination.

Get the Epic Selfie Ever from Ratapan Batu Angin in Telaga Warna

Telaga Warna means a “colored lake”, which refers to different color on this lake caused by the algae and microorganism on the lake. You can enjoy the scenery around this lake with the relaxing air. The best time to go Dieng is on the summer vacation. It usually has sunny climate, which is nice to explore this place.

Near the Telaga Warna, there is also Telaga Pengilon. It’s also a cool lake, which has meaning as the “mirrored lake”. If you want to get epic scenery from the higher spot, then just go to the Ratapan Batu Angin near the Dieng Plateau Theater. You can get amazing selfie in here. Of course, Telaga Warna tour offers awesome experience on how to enjoy the nature differently.

Hiking Amazingly in Gedong Songo Temple with Goindonet.com


Gedong Songo Temple
 can be excellent place for you who adore hiking activity in special space that Goindonet.com sure you will get a new experience on there. Yes, this place is included as the Hindu temple built around 8th – 9th centuries. It’s located in Candi Village, Bandungan Sub-District, Central Java. You can reach this place from Semarang at about 1 hour by using motorcycle or car.

Explore the Beautiful Forest in Gedong Songo Temple

What makes this temple different with the other temples is about its spread temples. As its name—Gedong Songo refers to literal name “nine temples”, this place offers 9 different spot to get the awesome temples. You can start from the first temple at the lower place. Just continue walking until you reach different spots on there.

This temple is also amazing. You can rent a horse for the tour if you prefer to save your leg (seriously, it needs an extra power so you should remember to pack your lunch). The cool air around this temple brings a relaxing situation. There is also a warm water pool that you can enjoy during the exploration. Sounds interesting? Let’s take Gedong Songo Temple on your vacation list now.

Catching Sunset in Candi Ijo Palace with Goindonet.com


Candi Ijo Palace is a special temple located in Yogyakarta that Goindonet.com recommends you to come here. It’s an amazing temple with the great location. The access to go to this temple is easy enough. You can go there by using motorcycle or car. The best time to go this place is at the afternoon (around 04 p.m). It offers adorable scenery with the great view from the top hills. Let’s check out the quick review about this temple!

Candi Ijo Palace Special Sunset Awaiting You in Dramatic Spaces


Candi Ijo refers to the literal meaning of “green temple”. Ijo is a Javanese language for “green”. It named as “Ijo” because of the green field around the temple. This temple is categorized as Hindu temple. It’s located near Ratu Boko Palace—at around 18 km from Yogyakarta. What makes it interesting is about its height. Candi Ijo located at 410 meters above the sea level.

It’s time for you to catch the sunset. The dramatic view from this spot will make you enjoy the relaxing time here. Don’t hesitate to grab your camera. Wait until the sun go down. You also can see the planes from Adi Sucipto airport landing or taking over. The starry night is also a nice thing that you can get. Remember, it’s better for you to come Candi Ijo Palace at the summer season.

Goindonet.com Invites You to Papua Bird Watching


Papua bird watching is promising the view of hundreds exotic birds. The island of Papua is well known for it beautiful and colorful birds. Many birds are local bird such as cassowary and cendrawasih (bird of paradise). The others are migrant birds from Australia and New Zealand. When you come to the island, spare your time to visit the bird watching site. Prepare yourself to stay up the night because some of them are nocturnal.

Sites of Papua Bird Watching

Papua has many places to watch birds. One popular site is Wasur National Park in Merauke. Hundreds species of birds are living in this park. Some of the locals are cendrawasih, cassowary, garuda papua, eagles, crown pigeons, and namdur birds. The migrant birds are including royal spoonbills, Australian pranticole, pelican, and magpie geese. The birds are very beautiful and have unique habit.

The other places for Papua bird watching are Arfak Mountain, Lake Habema, Nimbokrang, and Biak. Arfak Mountain is home of unique birds. It is located in Manokwari. On the bird list are including western parotia, cendrawasih, and vogelkop bowerbird. Lake Habema is located in Wamena as home of over 600 bird species. Nimbokrang is home of twelve-wire cendrawasih, northern cassowary, vulturine parrot, papua hawk-owl, and more. Biak has many endemic birds such as Biak flycatcherin, Biak scrubfowl, Biak coucal, and Biak Scops-Owl.

Hypnotized by Whale Shark at Cendrawasih Bay with Goindonet.com


Cendrawasih Bay is largest national park in Indonesia archipelago located in north coast of West Papua. The bay is positioned in the opposite of the famous Raja Ampat. Marvelous marine area with various endemic species is the allure of this bay. Nevertheless, the main attraction is whale shark in the diving site.

Cendrawasih Bay Guarantee Whale Shark Watching


Commonly, incredible sea animals such as whale shark are very hard to see. It is required luck to see it. Fortunately, Cendrawasih Bay is different. Whale shark watching is guarantee. Using small fishing boat with net filled with baitfish, divers could attract the whale shark to come. While the whale shark enjoying the baitfish underneath the boat, divers could enter the water and see it.

Whale sharks in this bay have been learning about the fish feeding by the fisherman. Therefore, it is very easy to call the big fish to come. The fish that come could be multiple. Mostly, they stay under the boat for whole day. It is very easy to take picture of the fish.cenderawasih-dore-bay

After watching the whale sharks, divers could go to the other unique diving spots in the island of Biak. The sites were Japanese navy base of World War 2. Divers could found ship and plan wrecks underwater.

Bungin Island – The Unbelievable Info from Goindonet.com


Bungin Island is an Island in Sumbawa Regency. The island is actually a fisherman village where most of the people make living from the sea. What make the island popular is the density of the population, unique tradition, and the goats. If you do not see it yourself, you will not believe it.

Bungin Island Super Crowds and Paper Eating Goats

Bungin is very dense with hundreds of houses stand close to each other. The crowds are no joke because more than 3000 people are living in only about 9 hectares area. Such crowds are formed because population is growing as people married and have children, while no one leave the island. In Bungin, couple who want to get married should have their own spot to build house. Since land space is no longer available in the island, they do land expansion by pilling dead coral. As the result, Bungin area is increasing each year. For information, the island is initially only about 3 hectares.

Open space is very limited in the island. Even vegetation is hardly getting a place to grow. Consequently, people could not get enough grass and leaves to feed their animals. Goats in Bungin Island should eat paper and rag to survive. Such unique condition becomes the main reason to visit Bungin. Many people come just to see paper-eating goats.Please visit Bungin Island, find out, how interesting this place

Iconic Lombok Pearls – The Suggested Souvenirs by Goindonet.com


Lombok pearls are one of suggested souvenirs when you visit Indonesia. The pearls are beautiful and valuable. Tourists could get various pearls jewelries such as necklace, bracelet, rings, and earrings. Loose pearls are also available for tourists who want to create their own jewelry.

High Quality Lombok Pearls

Lombok has many pearl farms, both sea pearl farm and freshwater pearl farm. In the world, Lombok pearl farms are considered one of the best. Pearls cultivated in Lombok are high quality because the oyster farm is pollution free and the farmers grow high quality oyster. For quality, sea cultured pearl is higher than freshwater cultured pearl.

The pearls are available in wide-range varieties. From small to big pearls are available. The shape could be round or egg-shaped. The colors are various from white to pink to black. However, the icon is golden-lipped oysters that produce golden pearls.

Lombok pearls are sold in numerous places, especially big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta. However, the best place to buy the pearls is at Lombok Island where the pearls are cultivated. You can get highest quality pearl right from the producer. You can watch how the pearls are cultivated and produced into jewelry. Visiting Lombok Island also allows you to enjoy spectacular nature and culture.

Emerging Sumbawa Tourism Info from Goindonet.com

Sumbawa tourism is emerging to be one of Indonesia’s best. In the past, the island was concealed by the glamour of neighbor island, Bali. Yet truthfully, Sumbawa has countless charms inside it. Now, the beauty of Sumbawa is slowly acknowledged by tourists.

Sumbawa Tourism Full of Adventures

Sumbawa Island is not yet developed. There are only limited sites that are developed with adequate tourism facilities. Only few resorts are available. It is very hard to find luxury. However, less development means the island is still unspoiled. You can see the true nature and the true culture of Sumbawa. The highlight of Sumbawa tourism is full adventures.

Surfing and diving are two most common reasons to come to Sumbawa. World famous surfing spots such as Supersucks surfing spot and ‘Yoyo and Scar Reefs’ are there. Hiking and trekking are the next common activities. Natures full of adventure are waiting for you.

Apart of natural trip, culture is the other allure of Sumbawa. Numerous traditional villages are there in the island. Each village has unique houses, clothing, and traditions. The main attractions are the festivals. The popular festivals are pasola and bull racing. If you want to watch it, you need to check the date so you can come to Sumbawa in the right time.