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Natural tourism, Kalibiru, may be one alternative to this holiday. Do you not have a travel plan? Long holiday weekend is coming. You will find Kalibiru right in Menoreh Hills region, Kulon Progo with an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. From the center of the city of Yogyakarta, the journey to Kalibiru takes approximately 2 hours. Many people already know Kalibiru be worth a visit. Countless many young people locally and beyond fill the holiday by going to this natural attractions.

Enjoy the views Kalibiru

They visited Kalibiru, while the opportunity to enjoy, what it was like up the substation his eyes and stared at Sermo reservoir from a distance the eye can see.

At a high tree, mounted substations of view you can see clearly Sermo Reservoir. Overgrown forest surrounding green add to the charm of this nature. Sights like this starts to become a favorite destination of young people, according to individual taste.

You can see the expanse of the South Sea and Mount Merapi in the north in the atmosphere of sunny weather. More than that, if you also want to enjoy a more beautiful than the green landscape, you can wait for dawn or dusk. The rising sun with shine blends with the surrounding natural environment, and the pervasiveness of the sun to the contest visualization enhance the natural beauty that lies before the eyes.

Kalibiru other natural activity, not just enjoy the view, you can also do in some sort Kalibiru outbound activities. Flying fox is available, for those who like to try the activity of adrenaline, can you prove your ability.

According to the history of Prince Diponegoro as a hero, with his troops had fought against the Dutch hundred years ago, nature Kalibiru a witness. Nature Kalibiru today has become a tourist destination. This location is managed by people who live in the vicinity and are becoming increasingly popular in Yogyakarta. The atmosphere is quite calm and peaceful makes Kalibiru, refuge right, where breaking the deadlock themselves from fatigue and bustle of the crowded city and smothering. Try it.

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