Go Indonesia :: The Exceptional Beauty Of Danau Sentarum

Danau Sentarum or Lake Sentarum is a national park in West Kalimantan that offers exceptional beauty of both above and below surface. Borneo rain forest is part of the park, for sure. However, this is a lake national park lies in vast floodplain. That means tourists could enjoy the charmed natural lake with all beauties inside it.

This lake had received international recognition. The lake became Ramsar Site since 1994. In the world, Lake Sentarum is one of most bio-diverse lake systems with hundreds of fish species, mammals, birds, reptile, and vegetation. So far, about 240 fish species has been recorded. Some of them are very beautiful such as Asian arowana.

Some mammals are Borneo endemic. The famous orangutan is also living peacefully there. Gratefully, population of orangutan living in Lake Sentarum area is relatively large. With more than 200 species of birds, one of the most popular activities in this national park is bird watching.

Just to get to the national park it is a wonderful experience. From Pontianak, tourists could rent a car and enjoy about 11 hours of car journey to the heart of Borneo. Another option is actually more interesting that is by boat. The boat journey starts from Sintang to Semitau by Bandung boat that continues with another boat adventure to the national park. Have a good hunting…

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