Go Indonesia :: Go Indonesia, See Bali in Maluku Tenggara tourism


Maluku Tenggara tourism , Go Indonesia is one of tourism destinations in Indonesia with awesome natural beauty.

Maluku Tenggara tourism Looks Like Bali

Some beaches here have amazing scenery with the smoothest white sands in the world. The crystal clear water and visible corals make it is a perfect place for snorkeling. Maluku Tenggara tourism got the same beauty with Bali. Moreover, it has connected history with Bali for the ancestors came from the gods’ island. A legendary couple named Ken Arok and Ken Dedes from Bali escaped to Kei archipelago of Maluku Tenggara tourism, Go Indonesia. They made local law in the island. The law is still used by Balinese people there.

Other Tourism Destinations in Maluku Tenggara

Besides the Kei Island, Maluku Tenggara tourism, Go Indonesia also has other tourism destinations. Hawang cave is just of the most popular destinations there. The cave is located in the village of Letvuan and is surrounded by natural rainforest. The cave itself is about 15 km away from Tual city. What makes the cave becomes so popular is its beauty. Inside, tourists will be able to find a natural pond with its clear water so the rock underneath can be easily seen. Tourists are able to explore the cave by diving along its underground river. This cave is one of the best destinations that has to be seen when visiting Maluku Tenggara Go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Go Indonesia, Iconic Beach in Maluku Tengah


Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia is just one of the regencies in Maluku, Indonesia. There are 18 districts in the regency and each of those has different characteristics. The principal town is in Masohi, which is located on Seram Island.

Beautiful Ora Beach in Maluku Tengah

There are a lot of interesting places in the regency, but the most iconic is PantaiOra or Ora beach. Many tourists who have visited the beach said that it is like heaven on earth because of its beauty and uniqueness. Indirectly, Ora beach helps Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia to be known by the world. Ora beach is located in Seram Island, Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia. What makes the beach so famous is its landscape; the beach is surrounded by natural green view.

What to Enjoy in Ora Beach Maluku Tengah

Tourists are able to enjoy the view and the bluish clear water by sitting on the small resorts built by the government. The resorts were made of woods that give different experience to anyone who visits the beach. It is not hard to reach the beach because it is on the Seram Island, which is the main island in the regency. However, visitors who come from other city must take some different kinds of vehicle. So, do not forget to visit Ora Beach in Maluku Tengah Go Indonesia if want to see the real tropical beach.

Go Indonesia :: Best Destinations Of Wisata Papua Barat


Wisata Papua Barat Go Indonesia is available in many interesting destinations. You cannot only visit worldwide famous nautical tourism in Raja Ampat but also other destinations. Those all tourism destinations could give amazing experiences for all travelers.

Nautical Wisata Papua Barat

Raja Ampat in Papua Barat belongs to the first nautical tourism destination in the world. The archipelago consists of hundreds of small islands but only 35 islands are populated. Raja Ampat gets the most complete marine species and coral reefs types; about 75% of all coral types in the world. Another great nautical tourism in Papua Barat Go Indonesia is the National Sea Park TelukCenderawasih. It is a great spot for diving and the largest one in Indonesia with 209 types of fish. Besides the various types of fish, TelukCenderawasih is also a home of four types of turtle, dolphins, blue whales, dugongs, sharks and many more.

Wisata Papua Barat Tapurarang Ancient Sites in Fakfak

The Tapurarang ancient sites stores ancient paintings of red palms on the steep cliff. The story explains the ancient people used natural paints to make it. The painting was made hundreds of years before but the colors are still clearly seen.

Wisata Papua Barat Nature Tourism Park in Meja Mount Manokwari

It is situated in the city center of Manokwari. The tourism park is made for recreation and forest reservation. People love enjoying hiking and tracking here while enjoying various flora of the tropical rain forest in Papua Barat Go Indonesia

Go Indonesia :: Wisata Merauke Destinations


Wisata Merauke Go Indonesia becomes an interesting destination for travelers since it is the east edge of Indonesia. Besides, Merauke also stores a few beaches with beautiful and clean golden sands.

Beaches in Wisata Merauke

The first beach is LampuSatu Beach which is located about four kilometers from the city center of Merauke. It is mostly visited beach for visitors could enjoy the beautiful sea and sunsets from a lighthouse. Another well known beach is Payum Beach. It has wide golden sands with natural and silent atmosphere. Besides, Wisata Merauke Go Indonesia also has a beautiful beach named Natsai Beach. It is also called Dead Beach for it is unpopulated and no activity done here; whereas, the beach got a very potential nature with beautiful scenery.

Wasur National Park in Wisata Merauke

It is a must to visit Wasur National Park when you are in Merauke. It stores various typical flora and fauna of Papua such as Kasuari, ground kangaroo, Cenderawasih, etc.. About 70% of the national park is savanna and the rest area is forests with kinds of typical flora like cajuput, Ketapang, Tancang, Api – Api etc. Wasur National Park is mostly visited by travelers to WisataMerauke Go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Sweet Berry, The Largest Strawberry Garden In West Java


Sweet berry is a large strawberry garden located in Puncak,

Bogor, and West Java. Like its name, this is a place where organic

strawberries are grown. The visitors have an opportunity to harvest the

strawberries and eat them. So, it offers a different way of buying

strawberries where the buyers now can take their own strawberries

directly from the trees. It will guarantee that you can get only fresh

and nice taste strawberries.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia

tourism info

There are some holiday packages offered in this place to allow the

visitors choose what they want to do in this agro

tourism destination. The cheapest

vacation package includes the ticket, drinking fresh strawberry

juice, harvesting 0.25 strawberries and 0.5 kilograms of vegetables your

own. The more expensive the package, the more services that you will get.

The second package includes the same services as the first one with a

lunch box and strawberry seeds as the extras. The third option is also

more expensive, but it includes more services, which are fishing and

grilling the fish. You will get more packages from the place by choosing

the more expensive ones, the fourth and the fifth package. So, choose

your package and enjoy your good time harvesting the strawberries in

Sweet berry. go indonesia sweet berry, sweet berry


Go Indonesia :: Things To Do In Jakarta Aside Of Business


Things to do in Jakarta could give you great idea to spend your time in the capital of Indonesia. Business purpose is the reason to come to Jakarta. While business only is boring, is needed to have fun. Here are some ideas from goindonet.

As metropolitan city, you can find numerous shopping malls as well as lively nightlife places. Yet, malls and bars are just quite similar in many part of the world. If you like it, do it to rid stress.

If common metropolitan activities were boring, museums would be something interesting for you who wish to know the history. Monas is where you can learn the history of Indonesia, Old Batavia/Kota Tua where numerous Old Dutch buildings are preserved would be good option to know the Jakarta in the past.

Similar with other metropolitan city, social diversity in Jakarta creates colorful cultures. However, Betawi people are working hard to make local culture preserved. Betawi Cultural Village Setu Babakan is one place to enjoy Betawi arts and culture.

Complete Indonesia tourism info will not complete without cuisine info. When you go Indonesia and visit Jakarta, do not forget to try Betawi cuisines such as soto betawi and kerak telor to complete things to do in Jakarta.

Go Indonesia :: Bandung The Cooler Highland Of Java


While Indonesia is well known for hot climate, Bandung

gives you a little bit cooler atmosphere. Located in highland, the city

is now a famous tourism destination. Although it mostly popular among

domestic tourists, international travellers will see it as enthralling

option. Here some hint from goindonet


Among tourists, the city is famous for its cuisines and

fashion. Thousands of food stalls and countless restaurants serve

abundant type of cuisines from the local Sundanese foods to international

cuisines to fusion cuisines.

Fashion in this city is high quality but come in nice price tag. As

the city with many clothing factories, you can found lot of factory

outlets (FO) that sell leftover products in half-price. Different story

of Bandung comes from distribution store or Indonesian

commonly short it by distro. You can find products of local designers who

sell their indie label products in those places.

Although it is considered metropolitan city, go

Indonesia traveler who visit this city also come for

exquisiteness of nature. A bit far from the center of the city, Tangkuban

Perahu Mountain offers beautiful crater to enjoy. Then, something you

should not miss is the White Crater/Kawah Putih in Ciwidey.

To complete Indonesia tourism info of this particular

city, numerous historical buildings and areas such as Gedung Sate and

Gedung Merdeka are worth to be checked. In Indonesia

history, Bandung played significant role.

Go Indonesia :: Enjoy The Banyuwangi Yearly Festival


There are all kinds of festival that people can enjoy in

Banyuwangi yearly festival (B-Fest). The B-Fest itself

is a yearly event that was held by the Banyuwangi local government. This

yearly event was held for the very first time in 2012 and the event

continues up until this day. This yearly event was held to celebrate

Banyuwangi anniversary day that fall at 18 December. The B-Fest itself

taking places from October until December where there will be festival of

all kinds that everyone can enjoy from young to old.

Banyuwangi Yearly Festival List

Like it has said before, there are all sort of festival that will be

held in this Banyuwangi Yearly Festival. The number of

festival that was held is increasing year after year, which allows people

to get something more to enjoy. The event not only manage to attract the

attention from local people (Indonesian people), but also from

international tourist. It makes this yearly event as one of the biggest

tourist attraction that has successfully introduced Banyuwangi as a

tourist destination city in Indonesia.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

In 2015 there are more than 20 festivals that will be held in this

Banyuwangi yearly festival and the festivals are

  • Clean toilet festival
  • House renovation festival
  • “Sego Tempong” culinary festival
  • Local fruit festival
  • Wayang Kulit (Javanese shadow puppet) festival
  • Clean River festival
  • Children traditional toy festival
  • Percussion and Larlare Orchestra festival
  • Banyuwangi Kite festival
  • Santri festival
  • National Barongan festival
  • Banyuwangi Beach Jazz festival
  • Gandrung Sewu festival
  • Banyuwangi plantation festival
  • Banyuwangi batik festival
  • Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival
  • Ngopi Sepuluh Ewu Festival
  • Kuwung Festival
  • Anak Yatim (fatherless children) festival
  • International surfing competition, and there are much more

Each and every year, there is something new that presented in this

event. Way back then in 2012, there is only 10 events that was held in

this yearly event, but in 2015 the number has increased up to 36 events.

The events itself cover everything about Banyuwangi from its sports

event, its natural beauty that was worth as a popular tourist

destination, its local art and everything else.

Among all those events, there are several events that were considered

as the original part of this event.  Events such as International

Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen, Banyuwangi Batik Festival and Beach Jazz

Festival are some of them. Those events are the original part of this

yearly event that has been held since the very beginning in 2012.

Different event in this Banyuwangi Yearly Festival

has different theme. Take for example the Clean Toilet Festival. The main

purpose of this festival is to have clean toilet in every public places

in Banyuwangi. It means, that every public places such as school, Islamic

boarding school, hotel, offices, and other places should have clean

toilet. A clean toilet may sound simple, but this is critical for

people’s health and the local government of Banyuwangi wants to

increase people attention on this simple hygiene matter.

Then there is Beach Jazz Festival. Some people may wonder why do local

event like this has to include jazz, which is not a traditional music

after all and not many people who even listen to this kind of genre? But

here is the thing; Jazz has managed to level itself up to the spotlight.

Jazz also manage to walk together, hand in hand with all kind of

traditional music, including Banyuwangi traditional music and art, no

matter where they are. Consider Jazz as universal language that can help

to bring out the voice of Banyuwangi traditional art to rest of Indonesia

and also to the whole world. That is the reason why Jazz music was

included in this event up until this day.

The festival was held not only to promote the culture and everything

else about Banyuwangi to the rest of the world, but is also held to push

the society in this city to maximize the potency that they have. There

are plenty of art and culture in Banyuwangi. Together, the government and

the society will be able to bring Banyuwangi into a much better city.

Don’t forget to come and enjoy the culture diversity that you can

enjoy only at the Banyuwangi yearly festival and get the

enjoyment of seeing and experiencing something new.

Go Indonesia :: Kebon Nogo, The Centre Of Indonesian Dragon Fruit


The tasty and healthy dragon fruit now can be found easily in

Kebon Nogo, located in Cimenyan Village, Bandung, and

West Java. This is actually not only located here because you can also

find Kebon Nogo in Malang, East Java. The dragon fruit garden is

considered as the largest producing nearly 1000 tons monthly. Red dragon

fruit can be found in here and you can also experience walking around the

garden and take your wn dragon fruit. The most interesting, not

only red dragon fruit, but also black dragon fruit is

available.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


Black dragon fruit is the new variety of dragon fruit that is grown

here. The black dragon fruit is made of fertilizer containing a lot of

charcoal from residual combustion. This technique is developed by the

farmers to make a new variety of dragon fruit that can be enjoyed by

everyone. Not only dragon fruit, but there are also other options of

fruits grown in this garden such as American lemon, Golden King Durian

and others. You can find many options of fresh fruits with more

affordable prices compared to other places. The exclusive fruit products

from this amazing garden can be experienced easily simply by visiting

Kebon Nogo. go idonesia kebon nogo,

kebon nogo indonesia