Interesting Spot in Kampung Warna Warni Malang

Interesting Spot in Kampung Warna Warni Malang

This colorful village in Malang is indeed very interesting, pretty much the cool spots to make your selfie or wefie photo background. Starting from the bridge Embong Brantas with the background of Juanda village, in the narrow alleys of resemblance resembling a labyrinth until the walls are pink and plain blue sky are quite attractive to tourists as the background of their photos.


Based on my exploration results at Kampung Wisata Jodipan (have not had time for exploration entirely), here are the spots favored by tourists as a background photo:


  1. Embong Brantas Bridge

Anyone who crossed the bridge Embong Brantas located about 500 meters south of the station Malang city is certainly going to be stunned at the sight of a row of colorful buoys on the east of the bridge. No wonder many tourists really like the view of this bridge that can see the whole Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan and Kampung Tridi Kesatrian next.


People who just pass by vehicles usually slow down the pace of their vehicle to see this spectacular scenery. Coupled with tourists who fulfill bridges cause congestion cannot be avoided, especially during the crowded hours.


  1. Floor and Towing Colorful Under the Bridge

This is a fairly new spot, the newly arrived tourists to Kampung Warna-Warna Jodipan area maximum before November 2016, may not have found this one spot.


This spot location is located just below the bridge Embong Brantas (southern tip). If from the entrance (entrance fee) Jl. IR Juanda alley IA RT 09 (green ceramic gate) located at the southern end of the bridge, you will descend the stairs. After that turn left, there is a 3 dimensional picture of a pesumo on an orange wall.


The end of the aisle is just below the bridge, where the walls look colorful from pink, dark blue and green and the floor is also painted to resemble a colorful halo. The framework of the bridge next to it is also painted in color to make the background of the photo in this spot is in great demand of the visitors. Not surprisingly, visitors alternate for photos with the background wall, floor and bridge.


In this spot also, visitors can see the crowd on the bridge Embong Brantas from below and Tridi village across the river. This place is bordered by colorful iron railings and trellises to limit visitors who may be desperate to jump over the fence.


  1. Umbrella Halls

After exit from spot number 2, back again to the first alley and turn left through the narrow alleyway we will descend the stairs. After a few paces, visitors will pass through the hall of the citizen’s house with colorful umbrellas dangling over it. Colorful umbrellas are also very interested visitors Kampung colorful Malang. There are several kiosks and seats under the umbrella, so some visitors usually take a rest in this place while occasional photos of selfie or wefie. Since this alley is one of the main routes in the Juanda village complex, it is hard to get a moment when this passage is completely deserted.


  1. Farmer Hat and T-Rex 3 Dimensions

A few steps from the umbrella, there is a spot that is also quite interesting. There is a 3-dimensional picture engraving of a T-Rex and 9 colorful hats pictured Spongebob, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Pokemon on display next to the T-Rex image. There are also some farmer hats that visitors can use for free to make their appearance more unique. For T-Rex 3 Dimension images, the picture looks like a T-Rex ready to prey on the victim. Some visitors who take pictures with T-Rex background is usually stylish as if ready to eat T-Rex.


  1. Raggae fence and the scenery

Reggae fence, because the iron fence is painted in red, yellow, green plus blue. Here there is an iron fence where visitors can lean and village 3D Kesatrian. There is a place of residents sitting in front of the house, which you can use to sit back while enjoying the scenery.


In this spot, visitors can photo with the background of the river and village 3D on the other side. Or it could also take a picture from the bottom, with the foreground of a stone wall with a motif of black and white circle and the background of high houses are blue, pink and green as seen in the photo below.





  1. Colorful Steep Ladder Stairs

After walking through the iron fence in place number 5, I arrived on a steep back road. These streets include pedestrian steps and lanes for motorcycles in the center. These stairs are painted in various colors with varying carvings.


On his right are the houses of colorful citizens and on his left is a stone with black and white circles. The colorful 3-storey houses look very clearly from down here. On this road, if you walk upwards, you will find some three-dimensional drawings using a resident’s house (unfortunately, I can not for that part, so the info can not be included in this article). Going down will lead to the 7th spot of my explanation.


Visitors are often seen taking pictures on these colorful staircases once they have gone up. The terraces of people’s homes became the casual seating of the visitors. If you are looking for a public toilet, one of the places at the lower end of these kids.





  1. Field

There are many interesting places of interest in Kampung Wisata Jodipan (KWJ), but the most interesting place is possible. When I go to the colorful hometown on Sunday, this season looks very crowded by visitors. The attractiveness of the cruise is a pink and navy blue citizen home. Queuing visitors to take pictures at this location very much, although on his left right there are other interesting spots.


Next to the pink-blue-sea house, there are several 3-dimensional drawings including butterfly wings, a ship in the ocean that looks like it will spill onto the floor and a tiger that looks like out of a house frame. On the left of the pink spot – navy blue, there is a sign saying “Kampoeng Warna Warni Jodipan” with some colorful footprint traces.


At the end of the surface, there is a color that is very similar to the color and paracer snacks that peddle wares beside it. From this plain also visitors can see the village Tridi next to it and can walk to the banks of the river.


  1. The edge of the river

From the previous milk (spot number 7), visitors can walk to the banks of the river, but need to be careful because it is quite slippery, especially after the rain. From the banks of this river, visitors can see the scenery of the colorful villages from below, be it the Kampung Wisata Jodipan in the south, Kampung Tridi Kesatrian in the north, Embong Brantas bridge in the west and railroad bridge to the east.


On the banks of this river there are also some benches and tables that can be used for visitors to sit back. A little walk toward the bridge brongan bridge, there is a new place that reads JODIPAN from a collection of used bottles, which are also painted in colors with a unique pattern. This paper is displayed with a river delimiter, which will only be obvious if we walk to the banks of the river, from the bridge and from the direction of Kampung Tridi.


River deep enough and become a barrier between Kampung Wisata Jodipan and Kampung Tridi Kesatrian, Visitors must not be seen across the river. Reportedly, the government and some parties to build a bridge as a liaison between these two colorful villages.


  1. From the Train

Taking photos from railroads is strictly forbidden because it is so dangerous (there have been trapped victims here). However, you can still see the colorful kampung landscape of Malang from the train, especially for trains Malang – Blitar or vice versa.