Good and Cheap Jajanan in Batu Town Square

March 29, 2018 | Districts and Provinces

Good and Cheap Jajanan in Batu Town Square

MALANGTODAY.NET – Batu City Square is an alternative destination for tourists in this small Swiss town. In addition to being the center of the city, visiting here also does not cost much. Here also a lot of street hawker that makes drool.

Only need to have the cost of parking vehicles, you can enjoy the crowds of Batu City and enjoy a number of family-friendly and fun public facilities such as bianglala, fountain to free wi-fi, there is also.

While enjoying the atmosphere of Batu Town Square is cool and fresh, you will be made drool with various kinds of street hawker jajanan line here.

Well, this time MalangTODAY have a series of street hawker recommendations Street Stone Square which is worth a try because it is delicious. Well, rather than curious, just take a look at it.


Pos Ketan Legenda 1967

If you play to Batu Town Square but have not tasted the name of Ketan Legend 1967 is not complete yet. Delight of glutinous processed rice & affordable prices make people willing to queue for the sake of enjoying this traditional legendary traditional stone.

For the price of a serving of sticky rice powder you can get the price of Rp 6,000. To serve glutinous rice with various variants topping start suwiran chicken, milk chocolate until durian can be obtained with price range between Rp. 7,000-10,000.

The 1967 “Ketan Legend” is open from 08.00 am until 03.00 am. O yes, if you want to hang out longer, mending to the “Ketan Legend” Post just off Jalan Raya Beji, yes.


Ice Mountain Snow

What is unique from this shaved ice is how it really tempts the esophagus. Ice shavings as high as approximately 15 meters in a plastic glass container is then doused with various colorful syrup and sweetened condensed milk plus topping astor.

You can get it for Rp. 15,000 only.


Woow Leker Ninghratt

Woow Leker Ninghrattan is a kind of snack cake leker is like in general. But there are different, namely from the look and innovation of various kinds of special toppings that will enliven your tongue.

Cake Leker served hot-hot is equipped with various kinds of topping from brown, milk and meses for Rp. 12 thousand. For special packages for Rp. 17-22 thousand, your cake will look like a mountain because it contains various kinds of toppings from banana, avocado, durian to ice cream flavors.


Satay Malaysia

Well, if you’re walking in Batu Town Square, this bakery is the most inspiring taste. Burnt smoke Satay Malaysia is so up to the nose is enough to make drool. Not to mention, if we look at the display of various processed seafood foods all stabbed like a satay and plastered clearly in plain sight.

These processed foods consist of marine animal materials such as crabs, shrimp, squid, fish, broccoli, shrimp and so on. The price is varied, starting from Rp. 5-12 thousand per puncture. Complete with a variety of chili choices include tomato sauce, regular sauce, and special chili sauce.


Wedang Ronde

If you go to Batu Town Square at night, do not forget to try a typical snack made from ginger and coconut sugar, namely wedang Ronde. In addition to the taste and the cheap price, it can help warm your body in the city of Batu is cold temperatures.


Sempol Ayam and Cilok

Finally, the most common snacks and indeed make addictive and prop your stomach is also here. sempol ayam and cilok.

This snack is usually sold in small carts or motorcycles and you can easily find around the square. It is tasty and cheap, this will always enliven your holiday activities in the Batu Town Square

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