Malang Tourism – Museum of Angkut

Malang Tourism – Museum of Angkut

Museum Angkut Malang

Currently, Malang has become one of the cities in Indonesia that continues to develop its tourism business in addition to Bali , Bandung and several other cities. Malang becomes a favorite destination of people of East Java and surrounding areas to spend the holidays.


With the cool air typical mountainous area, Malang is able to attract the attention of tourists. In addition to natural attractions such as mountains and agro tourism, the city also has many modern attractions that pity if missed. One of them is Museum Angkut.


Museum Angkut is a new tourist attraction that has a unique concept. Opened on March 9, 2014, the Museum of Transportation became the first tourist attraction in Southeast Asia that carries the theme of transportation. This museum was built as a token of appreciation for the development of world transportation of the archipelago and the world. So it is not surprising that here you can see various collections of modes of transportation ranging from those who still use the power of animals to power.


Museum Angkut is under the auspices of East Java Park Group, a developer company that also established Jatim Park I & II and Batu Secret Zoo and several other popular tourist attractions . This is certainly enough to illustrate that this tourist place is not cultivated carelessly, East Java Group has had a lot of experience in developing tourist attractions in Indonesia .


In addition to getting information about the development of world transportation, your photo hobby can also satisfy your penchant in this tourist spot . Various artificial landmarks that there can certainly be an attractive background image. Museum Angkut also often used as the location of exhibitions, community events, car modification competitions to prewedding photos and video clip shots.


Zone at the Museum of Transportation

With an area of ​​about 3.7 hectares, this resort is divided into several zones and equipped with various ornaments and typical landmarks of each zone. Here are the zones in the Museum Angkut:


Education Zone


This zone is perfect for a visit with the kids. Here, the children will get information on the history of transportation development in a fun way.


Sunda Kelapa and Batavia Zones


Various vehicles or transportation of the archipelago in the past you can see here. There is a replica of Sunda Kelapa Harbor complete with miniature ships that are made as closely as possible to the original. The history of the development of Sunda Kelapa and Batavia certainly can not be separated from the Dutch East Indies government. Here, you can see replicas of shops with Dutch spelling.


Japanese Zone


Who doubts Japan and its technology? This country is known as one of the countries with the best technological developments in the world. In this zone, you can see the collection of Japanese manufacturer transportation from Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and many more.


Zone of the European Union


Europe as a continent filled with developed countries is also able to compete in world transportation technology. European zone itself is divided into several areas namely England, Germany, Italy and France. These four countries are considered capable enough to represent developed countries on this continent.


In the UK area, not only look at the collection of British production cars and also the ancient cars used by Queen Elizabeth II, you can also play in the flower garden that is in front of the replica of Buckingham Palace. In addition, you can also take pictures with the statue of the Queen who was sitting on his throne.


Germany, Italy and France are equally interesting. Here you can see the collection of cars from various brands mainstay of these three countries complete with their respective landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Tower of Pisa and the Berlin Wall.


Hollywood Zone


The Hollywood Zone becomes one of the favorite zones in this tourist spot. Here, you can see the various transportations in Hollywood movies like Batmobile and Scooby Doo cars. Another thing that attracts attention is the Hulk statue. This green giant is made of used car and motor parts. This statue is depicted being stepped on a car until it is destroyed with one foot.


Another one that is not behind is the famous Hollywood hill. Many tourists perpetuate the picture here, you know.


Gangster & Broadway Zone

This zone is no less popular in tourist attractions in Malang . You will be invited into the world of gangsters and broadways that hits in the 1970s. The atmosphere in this Zone is arranged in such a way that you are like being in the same city as Al Capone, a famous gangster of his day.


What else is interesting about the Museum of Angkut?

Here are things outside transportation that are not less interesting in Museum Angkut


Museum D’Topeng


Museum D’Topeng is an art museum located in the Museum of Transportation. This museum stores more than 2,000 masks from around the archipelago from Java, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan to Papua .


In addition to the mask, this museum also showcased a collection of other antiques such as ceramics, puppets and ancient Al Quran made of animal skins.


Floating Market


Once satisfied explore Museum of Transportation, now is the time to fill the stomach. To go to the Floating Market, you will pass a replica railroad car that swayed like walking with artificial scenery on the glass hopper.


Called the Floating Market because the atmosphere here is similar to the existing market in Kalimantan, the process of buying and selling done on a floating boat. Apung Market presents a variety of typical culinary nusantara ranging from gudeg, rice tin, gado-gado, meatballs, rujak cingur until pempek.


Transport Museum Opening Hours


Opening hours: daily, 12:00 – 20:00


Entrance fee for Museum of Angkut

Transport Museum


Monday – Thursday: 50.000 Rupiah


Friday – Sunday: 75.000 Rupiah


Musem Transport & Museum D’Topeng


Monday – Thursday: 60.000 Rupiah


Friday – Sunday: 85.000 Rupiah


Address Museum of Angkut

Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung Atas Number 2, Kota Wisata Batu, Malang.


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