Go Indonesia :: Batur Mountain, The Image Of Bali’s Beauty Of Nature

Batur Mountain can be a great alternative for those who want something different and unique when come to Bali instead of keep visiting the same beaches or temples. Batur offers the natural beauty of mountain with its natural surroundings. This gives a different experience of visiting Bali with the peaceful atmosphere and fresh air of the mountain. You will find not only mountain, but there is also Batur Lake completed with the beautiful landscaping around the place. Here is the complete Indonesia tourism info about Batur that you can check to see what is in there.

Things You Can Find in Batur Mountain

Walking around the mountain would be the most interesting thing to do. It would be bad if you come here and just stay at your first place without walking around and enjoying the surrounding landscape. Since the air is cold enough, make sure you have protected wearing that can keep you warm. Also, have a guide with you if this is the first time for you coming here. There is a local guide that can accompany your tour in Batur and it spends about 3 hours. After touring, enjoy some meals while seeing the beautiful view of Batur Mountain would be the next interesting thing to do.

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