Go Indonesia :: Things You Should Know About Tour To Lake Kelimutu


Visiting Lake Kelimutu might be one of the best ways to

spend your holidays. There are so many tourist

attractions that you could find in Indonesia that offers various

interesting things from cultural attractions to beautiful natural

landscape. One of the most popular natural tourist attractions that could

be found in Indonesia is Kelimutu Lake. This lake becomes very popular

since it has unique characteristics. Before you decide to visit this

lake, there are several important details that you might need to know

about this lake, especially how to get there and what activities that you

could do on this area.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

The first thing that you should know about Lake

Kelimutu is its location. This lake is located in the top

of Kelimutu Mountain, Ende Regency, Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Based on administrative regulation, Kelimutu Lake is located among three

sub-districts, Wolowaru sub-district, Ndona sub-district, and Detsuko

sub-district. The name Kelimutu itself came from two words, Keli

(mountain) and Mutu (boiling). Kelimutu Lake consists of three large

sized craters that are located on the top of the mountain, about 1,640

meter above the sea level.

Lake Kelimutu is unique

On 26 February 1992, Lake Kelimutu area is listed as

National Park. The area of Kelimutu National Park includes 5 sub-

districts, Detsuko, Ndona, East Ndona, Wolojita, and Kelimutu. Kelimutu

Lake is also considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions,

not only in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province but also in Indonesia. There are

many people from other countries visit this lake to see it’s unique

and beautiful natural landscape. Lake Kelimutu is unique due to the color

of the water that that is located on the three crates will change each


When Lake Kelimutu is first discovered, the color of

the water that is located on each crate is red, blue, and white. However,

as the years gone by, the color of the water in Kelimutu

Lake changes constantly. According to information from Kelimutu

National Park, in the last 25 years, the water in Kelimutu Lake has been

changed for twelve times. Several researchers state that the change of

the color of water in Kelimutu Lake could be caused by the change of

chemical composition of the water itself.

Other thing that makes the color of the water in Kelimutu Lake changes

constantly based on those researchers is the rise of water temperature in

the crates. The refraction of the sunlight is also considered as the

reason why the color of the water in Kelimutu Lake changes constantly

through years. Besides the beauty of the lake, visitors who came to

Lake Kelimutu area also could see other natural beauties

such as waterfalls, hot springs, rice fields, and tracks along the

hillside. goindonesia lake kelimutu, kelimutu national park


Go Indonesia :: What Should Be Prepared For Visiting Jayawijaya


For those of you who love hiking and mountaineering, Jayawijaya

Mountains is definitely one of the mountains that you need to

visit. Jayawijaya is a mountain that is located in Papua and it’s

considered as the highest mountain in Indonesia. Indonesia is located on

the equator and has tropical climate, which doesn’t allow the snow

to fall down on this country. However, even though Indonesia has tropical

climate, the top of Jayawijaya is always covered in snow. The eternal

snow that covers the top of Jayawijaya is considered as one of the most

interesting things about this mountain.

On the top of this mountain, the snow covers its surface. One of the

reasons why snow appears on Jayawijaya Mountains

is that because this mountain is located 4,884 meter above

the sea level. The top of this mountain is not only

the highest level in Papua but also in Indonesia.

Snow on the top of this mountain is considered as one of the most unique

things that could be found in Indonesia. On the other hand, Jayawijaya

also offers great spots, especially for those of you who love

adventure.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia

tourism info

Jayawijaya Mountains is also known as Carstenz


The beauty of Jayawijaya Mountains is very popular

among people who love mountain climbing. The top of this mountain is also

known as Carstenz Pyramid and it’s listed as one of Seven Summits

that have really great reputation and become main target for people who

love mountain climbing from all over the world. The top of Jayawijaya is

named Carstenz Pyramid based on the name of its discoverer, Jan Carstenz.

Jan Carstenz saw the snowy top of this mountain from a submarine in


Reach the top of Carstenz or Jayawijaya Mountains is

one of the biggest dreams for people who love mountain climbing. However,

to climb and reach the top of this mountain, you might need to follow

several requirements and rules that might be quite difficult. The cost

that you need to climb this mountain is also quite large as well. You

also need to prepare many things from the schedule, physical preparation,

even to tool preparation.

One of the most important things that should be noticed when you want

to climb Jayawijaya is current weather. You also need to know the

condition of the field as well. Since the temperature will be very low,

you might need to follow some medical checks in order to make sure that

you’ll be able to survive in extreme condition. Other important

thing that you need is a license to climb this mountain.

If you could follow all the rules and maintain your condition, you might

reach Jayawijaya Mountains safely.  goindonesia

jayawijaya mountains, jayawijaya indonesia,

Go Indonesia :: Wakatobi The True Paradise For Divers


A district in South East Sulawesi, Wakatobi is also one

of Indonesian National Marine Parks well known as true paradise for

divers. The district is small archipelago with about 143 islands. The

four main islands in the district that become the center of activity are

Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko, which the name of the

district is taken from. The capital of the district located in Wangi-

wangi Island is Wanci.

There are many reasons why Wakatobi is

called the true paradise for divers. Large barrier reef as the second

largest in the world, truly, the marine park offers more than 50 dive

sites, each with spectacular view underwater. All around the globe, the

underwater life of the marine park is the richest with 942 species of

fish and 750 coral reef species. Amazing tropical coral reefs is

something to be expected with colorful species everywhere you

go. goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info


Every year, divers around the world are coming to explore the

underwater nirvana. As Indonesia promotes the national marine park as one

of must to visit sites in the country, Wakatobi is now famous. Not only

divers, but also many people from different background come to the

islands. Besides enjoying the marine beauty, Bajo sea nomads has

incredible culture to hunt for. Interesting forts, and shopping for

handicrafts are the other interesting things. One famous handicraft for

souvenir is traditional hand-woven cloths in Binongko.

Wakatobi Is Now More Accessible and


The national marine park is actually remote islands far from the

Indonesian crowds. As Indonesian government and private enterprises

develop the area to be better tourism site, the islands is more

accessible through water and air. Airport in Wangi-wangi is now

available. Although the flights are limited, people are now easier to

access the national marine park. Nevertheless, the common way to reach

the islands is through Bau-Bau and then takes boat to

Wakatobi. You can go to Bau-Bau from many big cities in

the country such as Jakarta and Bali.

The accommodation is also better with numerous room options from

homestay to hotel for everybody who wants to stay. For luxurious options,

go to Tomia to find the resort and enjoy the garden bungalow or villa.

Opt for private charter flight and dive package for easy and comfortable


As tropical country, Indonesia only has two seasons so dry season from

March to September is the best time to come. It is okay to come in rain

season but you should be ready with all wet around and beware with

possibility of storms. Well preparation is needed to have the best

Wakatobi experience. goindonesia wakatobi, wakatobi

indonesia, go indonesia wakatobi the true paradise for divers

Go Indonesia :: The Uniqueness Of Komodo Island To Admire


Komodo Island is considered as one of the most important

world’s heritage because this island is where more than 2,000 of

komodo dragons are living. There is no other island in the world with

such unique and great thing. Located in Lesser Sundas, this island is

well protected by the government as a national park because this place is

beautiful and it is meant to be preserved. Like its name, Komodo is the

island where you will find many species of Komodo Dragons, but this is

not the only thing you can find and enjoy. Besides, there are many other

beautiful and interesting things to enjoy.

The amazing thing about Komodo Island is

even acquired by the world in the fact that the Island

is included in one of the seven wonders in the world. This is

because the island is truly, really wonderful. Komodo itself is the name

of the animal living in the island, the Komodo Dragons. This reptilian is

dangerous for sure, but this is a rare animal, ancient that does not

exist anymore nowadays. This is why the animal is well preserved in the

island to make it exist longer for many years to come.goindonet,

go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism


Come and See the Komodo Dragons Closer

The Komodo dragons are the most eye catching thing from Komodo Island

because this is why the island is named after the animal. For those who

never see them, the Komodo dragons are a kind of big lizards. If you have

ever seen lizards, this is the bigger version from the smaller ones. Much

bigger than standard lizards because they are two to three meters in

length and about 100 to 165 kilograms in weight. They are carnivores and

they are somewhat dangerous with the big bodies, sharp nails, scaly skin

and branched tongues. So, you should not come too close to them when you

want to see them. Make yourself safe to see the comodo dragons


In Komodo Island, you will not just see Komodo

dragons, but you can also do other fun and interesting activities like

snorkeling. The underwater living in Komodo Island is truly beautiful.

You should find out and explore what is underwater. This island is even

considered as one of the best places for snorkeling in the world. The

underwater park will lead you to a different space of the world and you

will never know that there is such that wonderful place in this world.

So, exploring Komodo Island and find more interesting

things would be a great experience. goindonesia komodo island,komodo

island indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Wonderful Lake Toba And Charmed Samosir


For years, Lake Toba becomes one of the most famous tourism destinies in Indonesia. The lake is the largest volcanic lake in the world where massive super volcanic eruption was occurred thousands years ago. Estimated at VEI 8, the catastrophic eruption is believed to be the cause of volcanic winter that change climate worldwide and cause largest human population bottleneck that make up human genetic of today’s world population. Within Lake Toba, there is Samosir, the charmed island of Batak tribe where tourists stay along the visit.

Enjoy Natural, Cultural, and Historical Journey at Lake Toba

The reason to visit the lake is mostly for the enchanted nature. The ocean blue lake is surrounded by rain forest where you can breath the fresh air in every second possible. Some people just do nothing because Lake Toba is magical. When enjoying the lake is not enough, another option is the hot spring located in the western part of Samosir. For people with longer time to stay, you can opt 7 hours ride to the North and enjoy beautiful Sipisopiso waterfall. goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

As the cultural center of Batak tribe, Samosir Island is promising incredible cultural vacation with countless traditional dances, arts, houses, and more from Batak culture. Since people of Batak is well known to have beautiful voice, expect to hear them sing folk songs beautifully. To know more about Batak culture, you can visit Batak Museum. Huta Bolon in Samanindo. Just say “horas” to the locals because the greeting is the most common that means both hallo and good-bye. The tourists are expected to be polite during the visit in Lake Toba because the people are friendly but respectful.

The other reason to stay longer in Samosir is historical journey. Stone chairs, Batak Grave, and King Sidabutar grave are on the top list. Stone chairs are the ancient site from 300 years ago. There place is where discussion of the elders was held including judgment and executions. In Batak grave located in the north side of Samosir, you will see numerous statues that are the cemeteries of Batak ancestors. In the tomb of King Sidabutar located in Tomok village, you will see the grave of the greatest Batak sovereign who adopted Christianity.

As popular tourism destination, accommodation is widely available from homestays to resorts. Eating and drinking are not a problem due to many restaurants, café, bar, and pub. However, room availability is dropping greatly on Chinese New Year since domestic tourists come to enjoy holiday at Lake Toba. goindonesia lake toba, lake toba indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: The List Of Beautiful Places To Visit In Lombok Island


Lombok Island offers hundreds of retreat and good places

everyone can enjoy for a moment during their holiday. In the former,

there are not many people know about this island because what most people

know the beautiful island in Indonesia is only Bali. However, near the

Bali Island, there is another beautiful island, Lombok

Island. This island has so many beautiful natural places

that can make everyone feel amazing visiting the island. This is the most

appropriate place to visit when you want to go away for a while from the

real world where you are busy with your work. This is where you can get

some peace. goindonet, go indonesia,complete

indonesia tourism info

So, what is the secret of Lombok Island that make it so popular

both in local or foreign tourists nowadays? The natural landscape and the

amazing scenery are the reasons why. In this island, you can also find

Kuta Beach, the beach with the same name with the one in Bali Island, but

with a different impression. This is one of the most beautiful places in

Lombok because the beach is surrounded with valleys and the white sand is

really incredible. However, this beach is not

crowded as Kuta Beach in Bali since not many people know about this

beautiful place. So, when you come there you might not find as many as

the people in Kuta Beach Bali Island. This is actually a good thing when

you go there to really get some peace out of the crowds.

The Most Popular Places in Lombok Island

Like Kuta beach, there are also some other hidden beautiful places in

Lombok Island that is not yet well known by the local

and foreign tourists. However, Lombok also offer some popular places that

people have known really well, one of them is the Desert Point. This is a

place where surfers should not skip when they come to Lombok. This is one

of the best surfing places in Indonesia and it has been even considered

as one of the ten surfing beaches with the hottest waves. You can really

enjoy the experience of surfing with the big and strong waves of the

beach. Surely this is not appropriate for beginner surfers. You should be

a pro to be able to do surfing here.

So, if you love natural landscape, you could visit this beautiful

Rinjani mountain since it offers truly beautiful

natural landscaping that you would really admire. This is the second

tallest volcanoes in Indonesia.  So, make sure to explore that

nature from Lombok Island and do not make your own self

disappointed.lombokisland, lombok, go indonesia lombok

Go Indonesia :: Most Visited Holiday Destinations In Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is the most visited province in Java Island for those

who want to spend their holiday because Yogyakarta offers many good

places to enjoy in Java.Javanese people really know Yogya very well as a

place where numerous holiday destinations are available. Because of the

popularity, there are some places in Yogya that have the most visitors

daily. Knowing about the places might be helpful because it can help you

find the right holiday destination to visit in

Yogyakarta. There are temples, beaches, nature,

outdoor activities, art and cultural destinations, culinary destinations

and shopping centre.so, many things can be found here. goindonet,

[link:54]go indonesia[/link],complete indonesia [link:63]tourism

[/link] info


If you love beaches, Parangtritis [link:76]beach[/link] can be a

good place to visit because this is considered as the most popular and

most visited beach in Yogyakarta. Parangtritis beach has quite

strong and big waves because the beach is located on the edge of Indies

Ocean. So, you might not be able to play in the water of Parangtritis

beach due to the big and strong waves. Instead, you can enjoy the valley

of sand around the beach since this is the most interesting part of the


Yogyakarta, the Paradise of Holiday Destinations in Java


Those who love shopping should visit the shopping centre of

Yogyakarta, Malioboro. Malioboro is full of tourists

daily because it offers both culinary and shopping experiences. You can

try different kinds of foods originated from Yogyakarta and some shirts,

bags, accessories and many other good things too. Along the road of

Malioboro, there are many options of foods to try especially in the

evening. The most interesting is that Malioboro Street is a place where

taking pictures is really important. People even like to take pictures

near the sign of Malioboro Street when they come here.

Taman Sari Water Castle is the next most visited place to visit in

[link:41]Yogyakarta[/link]. This place has been around since many years

ago because this is considered as one of the cultural heritage from

Yogyakarta. In the former, Taman Sari water Castle is a

defense building from the enemies and this is also a meditation area for

the kingdom family. Today, Taman Sari Water Castle is a good holiday

destination with fresh and comfortable air because there are some ponds

beautiful flower garden around the place. There are still even more

options to go with when you visit Yogyakarta, so explore

more what you can enjoy in there.

Go Indonesia :: The Secret Of The Sea Of Bunaken


Those who love diving should never skip the Sea of

Bunaken because this is considered as one of the best places to

dive in the world. This is where you will believe that living underwater

can be really interesting. Many creatures and underwater plants can be

found here while you are diving. The clear, turquoise water is fresh as

well. There is just no reason for you to not visit this beautiful place.

Walking along the island is interesting, but you can also use a boat to

go little faster. If you cannot dive, then do not worry. There is a way

that you can use to still enjoy the underwater living without having to

dive, by using semi diving ship that can be rented.

The most interesting and beautiful thing about the Sea of

Bunaken is surely the underwater. This is what the tourist

wants to experience and explore when they come to visit the island. Even

just walking along the island has been an unforgettable moment that you

can feel. So, enjoying every inch of the island has been really

amazing.  The Sea

of Bunaken allows everyone both who can dive or snorkel

and those who cannot to explore the life underwater. goindonet,

go indonesia ,complete indonesia tourism



The Sea of Paradise, the sea of Bunaken

Sea of Bunaken is also known as the sea of Paradise

because of the beauty of the underwater. Those who explore the underwater

will always be admired by the things hidden in the island. Located in

Manado, today the Sea of Bunaken has been considered as

the most popular holiday destination in Manado.

There are nearly 2,000 species living underwater that can be found and

experienced in the Sea of Bunaken. The sea is so deep, it is about 1000

meters. This is why snorkeling or diving in Bunaken would be


When you are exploring underwater in Bunaken, you will find giant

walls underwater that is called as Underwater Great Walls. These giant

walls are built as a place to eat for the fish and species in Bunaken.

So, this is more than just a beautiful place to visit. If you want to

take some underwater pictures, but you do not have such waterproof

camera, you can get the pictures by paying the photographer and he will

help you capture some beautiful pictures underwater. Explore the beauty

underwater in the Sea of Bunaken and you will try a

brand new experience of holiday.go sea of bunaken, goindonesia sea of


Go Indonesia :: Bali Island, The World’s Best Island


Who does not know Bali Island? Everyone in Indonesia

even those from other parts of the world know this Island so well. This

is because Bali is considered as the best Island in

Indonesia, even the world. There is no place like Bali. Both domestic and

local tourists love visiting this island because of the beauty. Bali has

so many interesting activities to do including exploring the nature, the

culture and the history. There are just so many things that you can do

because there are hundreds of beautiful places to visit. Just decide what

kind of holiday that you like, whether this is a romantic beach holiday

or adventurous cultural holiday, Bali Island

offer so many things to enjoy. goindonet, go indonesia

,complete indonesia tourism info

Talking about Bali

Island cannot be separated from the list of beautiful

beaches to visit. Bali is known for its beaches. Tourists are coming just

to see the beauty of the beach and the nature. There are several

beautiful beaches to choose from in Bali Island, one of

them is considered as the most popular, Kuta beach. This

is the best place for those who like doing water activities like surfing

since this is the right beach to choose. You can also see the beautiful

sunset in the evening to complete your day.

Interesting Things to Do in Bali

Not just beaches, But Bali Island is also rich of

cultural heritage like the     Tanah Lot. This is holy

place to pray to God based on people in Bali’s belief. There are

actually two temples in this area, and they are located above the giant

stone in the water. So, it is like the temple is floating in the water

while the waves are playing around the temples. Since the temples are

high enough above the water, people like coming here to see the sunset

since they can clearly see the sunset. So, the evening is the best time

to come here.

If you love the fresh air of the mountain, visit Kintamani since this

has a beautiful scenery and fresh air of mountain. One of the most

beautiful places in Kintamani is the Batur Lake, the most eye catching

scenery from Batur Mountain. Both the lake and the

mountain are truly beautiful and exotic. So, it can be seen that

Bali Island offers many beautiful places to enjoy and

this island is appropriate for everyone since there are just various

places that offer different activities to try. go indonesia bali, go bali


Go Indonesia :: Raja Ampat Papua, One Of The Best Holiday Destinations


Raja Ampat Papua is one of the holiday destinations in Papua

that have been well known all over the world. The popularity of Raja

Ampat is undoubted because this place offers hundreds of natural

beautiful things everyone can enjoy. Raja Ampat

Papua is an Island in Papua, which has about 610 islands

spread all over the place, 35 of them have been used by the civilization.

So, there are many other islands without houses and people living making

this place a great option of peaceful, silent holiday destination for


It has been said that nearly 75 percent of fish in the world can be

found in Raja Ampat

Papua. This is because Raja Ampat is

well protected by the government so that the water in the island remains

clear. Raja Ampat is a holiday destination, not an island to live since

there are only 35 islands are used for living, the rest are empty. Also,

since this place is very popular, the government takes care of the

island properly to avoid many bad things that would

damage the beauty of Raja Ampat Papua. goindonet,

go indonesia,complete indonesia tourism


Natural and Beautiful Things in Raja Ampat


Most people say Raja Ampat Papua is such a hidden

secret of Indonesia since not many people know that Papua has such an

amazing island. There are many things that you can do and enjoy in Raja

Ampat, one of them is diving. Foreigners usually like spending their time

in Raja Ampat to do diving because of the clear turquoise water. There

are many species that can be found underwater. You will be led to meet

some creatures and species living in the water that you might never see

them before. There are just so many new experiences that you can feel in

Raja Ampat.

Those who love shopping can find unique and luxurious things

originated from Papua such as traditional fabric and traditional music

instrument. Also, you can try the new experience in culinary with various

foods from Papua are offered. Most of the foods are seafood, but you can

also find some other foods with nice taste. If you want to visit Raja

Ampat, make sure that you know when to visit this island.

November and December are the best months to visit Raja Ampat since the

wave is not too high. You can take some beautiful pictures of the sea and

even underwater. Just make your camera waterproof to allow you capture

some good things underwater and keep the memories of Raja Ampat