Go Indonesia ::Indrayanti Beach, the Most Romantic Beach in Gunung Kidul

Indrayanti beach Gunung Kidul located in Gunung Kidul and it provides romantic scenery of hills and greenery surrounds it. This beach is different from other beaches in Gunungkidul since it offers white sand and clear water. The sense of romantic can be felt from the beach because of these combinations. The visitors like swimming in the water because this is really clear and free of dirt. It is good to spend some time in water while getting the body and mind refreshed. Here is some information from Goindonet to help you get some image.

The Best Thing to Do in Indrayanti Beach Gunung Kidul

Not only the visitors can come to enjoy the beauty and the fresh water of the beach, but they can also get some treats from the small restaurants near the beach. It is easy for you to go for lunch and try some best food there. There are also some places to stay during your holiday near the beach. You can have a romantic holiday with your couple spending some time enjoying the air and the clear water while looking at the beautiful nature surrounding. Indrayanti beach is more than just a romantic beach; it is also the right place for having fun with your friends or family. So, get some plan set and try the romantic atmosphere of the Indrayanti Beach Gunung Kidul.

Go Indonesia:: The Beauty Of Banyu Tibo Beach


If you like to spend your vacation in beautiful beach, this place is definitely the best choice for you. This beach is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pacitan. There are so many people from other cities in Indonesia that came to this beach in order to see its beauty. These days, tourists from other countries outside Indonesia even came to this beach since it became so popular.

Besides beautiful beach, you also could find beautiful waterfall not far from the beach area. Both the beach and the waterfall in Banyu Tibo offer natural beauty that you might not find in other places. The beach is so beautiful with smooth sand and clear water. If you came from Solo, you could reach Pacitan within three hours. From the city you go straight to Klayar Beach and you will reach this beach within a half to an hour drive. To enter he beach you need to pay for ticket with quite affordable price.

If you want to get complete Indonesia tourism info about this beach, you could visit goindonet or goindonet.com, a website where you could find various details about tourist attractions in Indonesia. If you are a tourist who came from other countries outside Indonesia, information about go Indonesia program might be very useful for you. Visit Banyu Tibo Beach now and witness it beauty with your own eyes.


Go Indonesia :: Things To Do In Harlem Papua Beach


When you visit Harlem Papua Beach, there are so many interesting activities that you could do. If you take a look at complete Indonesia tourism info, you might find out that there are so many tourist destinations that you could visit in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is an archipelago country, you might find a huge number of beaches in this country. One of them is Harlem Beach which is located on Papua. So go indonesia.

Papua is the island in Indonesia that is located on the east side of the country. This island is known for its natural beauty and amazing landscapes. You could find mountains, lakes, and beaches on Papua. If you pay attention to the information that is given by go Indonesia program, you might find out that there is one beautiful beach that you could visit in Papua. This beautiful beach is known as Harlem Papua Beach where you could do so many interesting activities and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Harlem Beach is located at Tablanusu Village. Since the location of this beach is quite remote, you might need to pay attention to the details of how to get to the beach really carefully. If you’re looking for any tips and suggestion about visiting Harlem Papua Beach, visiting goindonet or goindonet.com might be the best solution for you to get what you’re looking for.

Go Indonesia :: Pandan Beach – Enjoy Your Travelling At Beauty Beach



In previous articles, we have discussed a little bit about the beauty of Pandan Beach that is located in Sibolga. You might be interested to know more about the charm and beauty of this beach. This [link:76]beach[/link] has very stunning natural scenery.

When we were on the beach, we could see the beautiful waters of the open sea stretches. The seawater at this beach has colour of bluish-green and it is very clear. This beach has waves were very calm, so visitors can swim freely several meters from the mouth of the beach safely. The beach [link:9]sand [/link]is white and very soft. The beach is also very clean. We will not find the garbage strewn so that when you enjoy this beach with a walk around it, you will feel very comfortable and soothing.

The beach is very wide, so maybe you need a long time to discover this beach. However, there are natural scenery around this beach area makes you will not get enough of the region continue to explore this coast.

Hundreds of shady trees grew around this beach that gives the impression of coolness for tourists. Under the trees, there is a gazebo and a mat that can be used as place to rest and enjoy the beauty of the beach. The gazebo is one of the facilities can be rented out to visitors.

You can get complete Indonesia tourism info by visiting on goindonet or goindonet.com. You will get a variety of information about Pandan Beach or other [link:66]tourist[/link] attractions with access to go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Plengkung Beach Is Really Great For Surfing



For those of you who love to surf, Plengkung Beach in

Banyuwanngi might be the best place for you to visit. Indonesia is known

for its beautiful and exotic beaches. There are so many beaches that you

could find in this country that are located in various islands. Most

people only know beaches in Bali or Nusa Tenggara. The truth is that,

other locations in Indonesia also have beautiful beaches as well.

Banyuwangi is one of the locations in Indonesia that are known for their

beautiful beaches.

You could so various activities when you visiting the beaches. Most

people visit beaches to lie down on the sand or swim in the water.

However, there are also people who visit beaches to surf as well. If you

want to surf on the beach, you could visit Plengkung

Beach which is located on Banyuwangi. This beach is located

on Alas Purwo [link:49]National Park[/link], BanyuwangiRegenc, East Java.

The coastline of this beach shapes in giant curve. Among surfers, this

beach is also known as The Seven Giant Waves Wonder due to its

magnificent waves that could reach six meter high.goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia [link:31]tourism[/link] info

Besides its great waves, Plengkung Beach also offers beautiful

natural attraction as well. There is Alas Purwo National Park which is

located not too far from the beach. This national park is home for

various tropical plants and animals. Not far from this beach, you could

find other beach which is called Grajagan Beach. Grajagan is also the

name of port that is located at the tip of Plengkung Bay.

What else


you find on


plengkung beach

When you visit Plengkung Beach and you want to see

animals that are lived on the national park, you could use some

observational towers that are provided by the superintendent of this

area. You also could go to turtle breeding that is located not too far

from this beach as well. If you visit Plengkung Beach, you also could

find historical sites from Majapahit era such as caves and temples.

For those of you who want to visit this [link:81]beach[/link], you

could use public transportation from Banyuwangi. The distance of this

beach from Banyuwangi is about 80 km. You also could reach this beach

from Bali Island as well by suing speedboat. If you use speedboat,

you’ll only need two and a half hour to reach Plengkung Beach.

There are also several cottages that are available in this beach that

could be used as place for you to stay. You also could rent speedboat if

you want to explore Plengkung Beach via water.

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