Go Indonesia::Go Indonesia Wonderful Indonesia, The Adventure Awaits You!

Here is a quick review about wonderful Indonesia and Go Indonesia trip that you should take now. Travelling to Indonesia can be great experience, where you can get new adventure on there. You can visit many places on Indonesia. From mountains to the beach, just mention what kind of paradises that you want to go. Indonesia is known as amazing country with its awesome places to visit. It also has many cultures, which brings the unique sides for your travelling experience. You can enjoy on visiting many places and destinations here. Let’s check out several things that you can found in Indonesia. It’s a spectacular place, where you can find out almost anything on here!

Too Much Hidden Paradises on Wonderful Indonesia

What makes Indonesia different with the other countries is its hidden paradises inside there. You might heard that Indonesia offers many natural places. However, it’s not only about the natural places. You can still high technology and modern city landscape combined with awesome scenery on nature. It’s a great place to stay. The tropical climate will make you warm enough and get exotic tanned skin. Catching sunset is also awesome from many spots in Indonesia. It’s not only Bali, Lombok or Jogjakarta. There are many places, which can be predicated as the hidden paradises on here.

Travelling in Indonesia will make you get new adventurous experience. You also can learn many cultures here. The traditional cultures with its diversities are completing your journey with special impression. You can see at how polite Indonesian people welcoming you. They will have their smile for you in such a friendly situation. Some heritages are also great destination that you can go on here. For the complete information about these places, you should read the other posts on Go Indonesia, a site that provides complete guides about visiting Indonesia.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your chance on having new adventurous experience. Let’s visit Indonesia and get what you want on there. Indonesia is a large archipelago country, where you can find out the many awesome spots on there. It has many cultures and things to learn. Don’t worry about the modern life style that you also can get on your travelling. You will get amazing experience on visiting Indonesia. It’s also affordable enough to reach many places on here. Read the other references on our site about this wonderful Indonesia and enjoy it.

Go Indonesia:: Enjoying The Archipelago With Indonesia Cruises

Indonesia cruises would be a great choice to enjoy Indonesia. This archipelago country comprised of thousands islands separated by seas. Cruiser is one good option to visiting island to island while enjoying first class services. Now in goindonet, you can get more information about cruises that depart and stops in Indonesia area.

Cruises in Indonesia are commonly not solitary go Indonesia adventure. It’s commonly combined with other ports in the surrounding area, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. In fact, many cruises are depart and ended outside Indonesia, and only make stops in Indonesian ports during the tour. However, it is still great option because you can enjoy a lot of Indonesia attractions on every stop.

Cruises that depart from Indonesian ports are limited. Mostly, they are departing from Benoa, Bali. The other cruises are departing from other countries, mostly Singapore and Australia. Several cities in Indonesia that commonly visited by cruises are including Jakarta, Semarang, Probolinggo, Surabaya, Pasuruan, Sumenep, Benoa, Komodo Island, Balikpapan, Ujung Pandang, and Makasar.

Checking schedule and availability is important because the choice is not much. Pre-hotel packages are very common on cruise lines. Before you go on board, better you find complete Indonesia tourism info so you will know where to go and what to do on each stop. Indonesia cruises will give you extraordinary experience.

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Fruits to Taste while Visiting the Country

Indonesia fruits could be one of many reasons to go Indonesia. An array of tropical fruits you hardly found in four seasons country are widely available in any corner of this archipelago. From mango to papaya, you can enjoy the fruits, as you like, without afraid you will break the bank. However, goindonet has recommendation of several fruits you should taste while in the country.

Durian is Indonesia fruit that the popularity has go internationally. In Southeast Asia, people call it king of fruits. The fruit is so popular due to the strong odor yet rich of taste. Durian is high alcohol but do not cause drunk. Yet, do not eat too much or you may experience digestion problem and headache.

The second fruit is salak or snake fruit. They call it snake fruit because the skin is scaly just like snakeskin. Although the fruit has scaly skin, the flesh is sweet, acidic, and crunchy. Pre-caution for this fruit is to be careful when you peel it and do not eat too much because it could cause constipation.

To complete Indonesia tourism info, try rambutan as the third fruit to taste. The fruit is similar with lychee but sweeter and some varieties are bigger. Unfortunately, this is seasonal fruit so you need to come in the right time to enjoy this one of most popular Indonesia Fruits.

Go Indonesia :: Variety Of Indonesia Traditional Music


Indonesia traditional music is important part of cultural

diversity in Indonesia archipelago. Hundreds different forms of

traditional music are played in different regions. Many of them come from

traditional music instruments while the others got influences from

foreign music. To make it

complete Indonesia tourism info, music of this country would

be explained here at goindonet.

The most popular traditional music in Indonesia is gamelan that widely

played in Java, Bali, and Lombok. The melody is made from an ensemble of

bronze percussion instruments and bamboo flutes. In Central Java, gamelan

music is mostly slow and laid back while Balinese gamelan is mostly up


The fun of go Indonesia is you can find

numerous traditional music instruments in different

regions. In West Java, angklung is one famous music instrument made from

Bamboo. One angklung creates one note so it commonly played by many

people. In Sulawesi, Kolintang is the traditional percussion music

instrument made from wood. In East Nusa Tenggara, especially Rote Island,

people play sasando, string instrument made from bamboo and lontar


A part of instrumental music, you can also hear numerous folk songs

such as langgam jawa and tembang sunda. Then, you can also enjoy music

and dance performance in North Sumatra that people called it Tapanuli

Ogong. When you explore more, you can find more Indonesia

traditional music.

Go Indonesia :: Amused By Indonesia Local Languages


Indonesia local languages are one of the symbols of diversity in

Indonesia. Not only mesmerized by the diversity of nature and culture,

tourist who come to Indonesia will amused by the huge number of local

languages and dialects spoken in the country. Here in goindonet

, you will find some facts of this multilingual country.

In the world, multilingual population in Indonesia

is the second largest. Throughout the archipelago, more than 700

languages are spoken by locals. Most Indonesia local

languages are in the family of Austronesian languages while some

of them are the family of Papuan languages. In some region, we could also

find people speak Chinese languages.

Javanese is the most spoken local language in Indonesia that widely

spoken in Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java. International tourists

are likely hear this languages at least once. If the tourists not

visiting Central Java, Jogja, or East Java, they may hear it from

Javanese workers that work in numerous cities throughout Indonesia,

especially Jakarta and Bali.

When you go Indonesia and arrive at Jakarta, you

can hear Betawi as the local languages of Betawi ethnic in Jakarta. If

you arrive at Bali, listen to the Balinese. When you go to other part of

Indonesia, you will hear people speak differently and that is quite

amusing. After amused by Indonesia local languages, find

complete Indonesia tourism info for more amusing things

of Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Tourism Bureau For Complete Information and Help



Indonesia tourism bureaucould be your choice to

get complete indonesia tourism info. With so many scams

and fraud, especially in the virtual world, trustable tourism information

is essential. Since every country has different uniqueness, you can learn

some interesting facts about Indonesia that will give you chance to enjoy

the real Indonesia. With knowledge, preparation for the vacation would be

easier and you can enjoy the trip without problem.

Indonesia is a vast archipelago with so many attractions and wonderful

sites. In Indonesia, you can expect beautiful nature,

diverse cultures, historical exploration, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Before you go Indonesia, better you gain information of

sites that meet your interest and condition as well as budget. The

tourism bureau could help you find the best attraction for you.

goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

The other reason for using help from tourism bureau is to make things

easier to organize. Indeed, Indonesia

is welcoming country. Yet, foreign tourists may have problem to visit

Indonesia due to complexity of the regulation. You will get complete

information about document you should prepare in order to get into the

country. It is also easier for you to get the flight and accommodation

during your stay in the country when you use help. You can give it all to

the Indonesia tourism bureau and


Go Indonesia :: Enjoy Countless Adventure Indonesia Trips



Are you looking for adventure Indonesia ideas? The first visit can be confusing and has to be well planned. If you want to go Indonesia, you must learn various aspects about this country. Take time to get complete indonesia tourism info including the geographical, social and cultural life.

Get the Ultimate Adventure Indonesia Experience

Indonesia is made up over 17,000 islands, having countless attractive spots to explore. No wonder if the country becomes one of the most visited tourism destinations in Southeast Asia. Various adventure Indonesia tours can take you travel for a lifetime. From west to east, you will be pampered with a number of attractions such as spiritual ceremonies, white sanded beaches, amazing wildlife and exotic cultures. If you love challenges, you should not miss the adventurous activities such as scuba diving, surfing, volcano climbing and jungle trekking. All are available to let you enjoy the ultimate vacation experiences at a tropical gateway, i.e. Indonesia.

Do you have too many types of trip to choose? It will really take forever to explore all of them. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find a tour package which has selected the topdestinations. You can simply book an adventure Indonesia travelling plan from the trusted agency and obtain the exceptional experience on your first visit to this country.

Go Indonesia :: Selecting A Hotel In Jakarta Indonesia


Finding a hotel in Jakarta Indonesia to stay during your visit to this metropolitan city is extremely easy. You have a range of options from budget-friendly to luxurious accommodations. So, it will depend more on how much funds you can prepare for each night of stay.

Why Look for Hotel

in Jakarta Indonesia

Although many people look for exceptional gateways when they go Indonesia like beaches and mountains, some still prefer to find places where nightlife is the part of entertainment. If you also think the same, Jakarta is a city you must visit before or after spending several days in Bali. Besides that, this cosmopolitan town is like a big melting pot of local cultures. It is due the high traffic of urbanization from all over the country. You can enjoy fine dining, great foods, pampering massage services and bustling markets. There are so many things to do besides visiting the famous tourism spots in Jakarta.

Depending on your budget and visiting goal, Jakarta has a number of mid to luxury hotels. When you want to select one, you can at least consider several factors, i.e. cleanness, security, customer service and style. Simply browse the complete indonesia tourism info online. Besides obtaining the information in general, you can also focus on accommodation selection including the hotel in Jakarta Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Lonely Planet – Great Guideline for Your Travelling


Lonely Planet Indonesia is a travel guidebook from digital media publishers to review some detailed information about tourist charm in Indonesia. Nias Island is one of the tourist areas are reviewed in detail so that you can get the complete Indonesian tourism info you need before you start your tour.

Having a complete guide on an area to be visited is certainly very important. You can search for information through the Internet to get information about the various tourism potentials in the island of Nias. If you like nature, you can find information about the area in Nias that has potential natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, waterfall, or other.

You can open goindonet or goindonet.com to get variety of information that you need. Been to various regions in Indonesia is not less attractive than travelling abroad. We can find a variety of tourist potential that are still very thick with native and culture on the island of Nias. You can watch a war dance and rock jumping attraction will not you find in other countries.

In doing a trip, make preparations so important to do so that you can enjoy trip comfortably. You can take advantage of existing guidance on go Indonesia to help you know more about the various charms and exotic various regions in Indonesia. You can take advantage of digital media such as Indonesia Lonely Planet to be your friends on the way of your travel.

Go Indonesia :: Goindonet Website Offers New Experience In Indonesia Tourism


If you want to go on vacation to Indonesia and you want to get the best experience, following some tips from go Indonesia goindonet website might be the best solution that you could get these days. Indonesia has so many tourist attractions from beautiful natural landscapes to unique culture of its people. There are so many tourist destinations that you could visit in Indonesia from Kuta Beach in Bali to Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi.

Before you visit to go on your vacation to Indonesia, it’s very important for you to prepare your plane ticket. Getting plane ticket to Indonesia might be quite difficult sometimes, especially on holiday season. However, if you choose service from Indonesia goindonet, you might be able to get the plane ticket that you need easily with the most affordable price as well. You also could use our help to make hotel reservations as well. We provide list of hotel that you could choose during your visit in Indonesia. Some hotels even offer special package that allows you to save more budgets.

Spending your vacation in Indonesia might require you to go from one tourist attraction to another. In this case, you might need transportation service so that you could go on your trip comfortably. You could use some details and information from Indonesia goindonet about train schedule or available taxi service. You also could get some tips about which travel agent that you should choose during your visit in Indonesia as well.