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Yogyakarta museums

The idea to visit museums in Yogyakarta may never cross your mind. In fact, when you want to know more about the city, you can find a lot of information from the places where various collections are displayed. Go Indonesia vacation plan should be more than just enjoying the natural resources. [link:45]Yogyakarta[/link] itself also has so much more cultural values to dig.

Enjoy Family Vacation by Visiting Museums in Yogyakarta

You can find quite some museums in Yogyakarta. Goindonet will show you some places to visit if you are a type of cultural-hungry traveler, such as:

  • Sonobudoyo¬†[link:10]Museum[/link] – Located in the north square of the city, the museum is the home of a number of important artifacts and archaeological finds.
  • Affandi Museum – Situated at the bank of Gajah Wong river, the delightful museum is a sign of celebration for the work and life of Affandi, a best known Indonesian painter in the world.museum_affandi
  • Dirgantara Museum – Located in the Air Force base, this museum displays educative collections about the antique aircraft used during the World War II.museum-dirgantara
  • Kekayon Museum – This museum always hold special show of Wayang puppet besides displaying various characters of it.kekayon-museum

Yogyakarta is known as education city. It makes sense when you look for complete Indonesia tourism info that explains more about this place. If you go with kids, museums in Yogyakarta are the best recreational spots to not miss.