Go Indonesian :: Indonesian Archipelago Plaza, the Center of Various Activities in Jakarta.


In Jakarta, there are many places that act as the center of organizing

various activities. The Indonesian Archipelago Plaza is

one of them. What makes this place different from other similar places is

the location of this plaza itself. This plaza located in Taman Mini

Indonesia Indah, specifically in the east point of the lagoon of

Indonesian Archipelago close to Maluku and South Sulawesi Pavilion. Right

in front of it is the [link:70]Indonesia[/link] Children Palace.

The location itself makes this plaza is so special.  Originally,

the location of this plaza is the Orchid Garden, but in 2007, the area

was developed as a performance space and also as the center of

activities. There are all kind of activities that was held in this area

such as the celebration of New Year Eve and fire work feast at certain

occasion. This place is also welcomed the public, where people from

families or companies can reserve this place to conduct a special

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The Indonesian Archipelago Plaza has complete

facility for any program that is going to be held in this place. It has

the sound system, lighting, stage decorations service and also the artist

itself. With all the advantages that it has, this plaza is really worth

as the center of activities in Jakarta.  go indonesia archipelago