Go Indonesia :: Wonderful Lake Toba And Charmed Samosir


For years, Lake Toba becomes one of the most famous tourism destinies in Indonesia. The lake is the largest volcanic lake in the world where massive super volcanic eruption was occurred thousands years ago. Estimated at VEI 8, the catastrophic eruption is believed to be the cause of volcanic winter that change climate worldwide and cause largest human population bottleneck that make up human genetic of today’s world population. Within Lake Toba, there is Samosir, the charmed island of Batak tribe where tourists stay along the visit.

Enjoy Natural, Cultural, and Historical Journey at Lake Toba

The reason to visit the lake is mostly for the enchanted nature. The ocean blue lake is surrounded by rain forest where you can breath the fresh air in every second possible. Some people just do nothing because Lake Toba is magical. When enjoying the lake is not enough, another option is the hot spring located in the western part of Samosir. For people with longer time to stay, you can opt 7 hours ride to the North and enjoy beautiful Sipisopiso waterfall. goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

As the cultural center of Batak tribe, Samosir Island is promising incredible cultural vacation with countless traditional dances, arts, houses, and more from Batak culture. Since people of Batak is well known to have beautiful voice, expect to hear them sing folk songs beautifully. To know more about Batak culture, you can visit Batak Museum. Huta Bolon in Samanindo. Just say “horas” to the locals because the greeting is the most common that means both hallo and good-bye. The tourists are expected to be polite during the visit in Lake Toba because the people are friendly but respectful.

The other reason to stay longer in Samosir is historical journey. Stone chairs, Batak Grave, and King Sidabutar grave are on the top list. Stone chairs are the ancient site from 300 years ago. There place is where discussion of the elders was held including judgment and executions. In Batak grave located in the north side of Samosir, you will see numerous statues that are the cemeteries of Batak ancestors. In the tomb of King Sidabutar located in Tomok village, you will see the grave of the greatest Batak sovereign who adopted Christianity.

As popular tourism destination, accommodation is widely available from homestays to resorts. Eating and drinking are not a problem due to many restaurants, café, bar, and pub. However, room availability is dropping greatly on Chinese New Year since domestic tourists come to enjoy holiday at Lake Toba. goindonesia lake toba, lake toba indonesia.