“Drajat Pass Garut” suitable for family holidays

“Drajat Pass Garut” suitable for family holidays

This place is perfect for family holidays. Usually people are looking for a beautiful scenery in the afternoon and even morning … that would be cool … Romantic Holidays too.

The hotel has room available, the rooms are clean and tidy, the service is also quite good. There is also parking in the hotel although limited. But the parking lot is scattered everywhere. It feels when it is on the breath of relief, free from pollution, seemed above the sky especially if the clouds cover in the natural surroundings. You need to try it, an alternative vacation spot, make sure your family can have fun

The location is located approximately 3 km to the right of the road after Puncak Jaya Darajat. This tourist attraction has a large area and presents a variety of interesting holiday facilities include:

– Hot Spring Water Pool

There are 2 public swimming pools available for adults with different types. Some have medium depth with medium-temperature hot water, and some also have a depth of up to 170cm with temperate temperatures above medium temperatures. there is also a hot water reagent pool for children which is quite spacious and has been equipped with waterboom facilities as well as spilled buckets.

– Other facilities

There are many traditional gazebos to relax the visitors. There are also facilities flying fox that can be enjoyed by visitors who want to try courage. For campany or family who want to do gathering, Darajat Pass may be an option because the outbound activity is possible here.

-Restaurant / Canteen

Here is available 24 hours restaurant, especially in the weekand

– Lodging

Available lodging and hotels with various types that can be tailored to the needs. Prices range from 300,000 to 3,500,000 / night.

– Are Parking

The parking area is very wide so it allows dozens of large bus parking here.

– Ticket price

Ticket prices are very affordable. Only with 30.000 rupiah, you can enjoy all the facilities in it except the game flying fox, usually subject to additional costs.

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