Go Indonesia :: Enjoy The Beauty Of Sibolga Beach City


Sibolga Beach City is one part of West Sumatra. Most people are more familiar with Bali as the island of a thousand beaches and various tourist destinations. However, the charm of the city owned Sibolga not inferior to what was in Bali. Sibolga is a small town but has a beauty and charm that is extraordinary. With easier access, is expected to attract tourists to get to know and visit the town of Sibolga in West Sumatra.

Various tourist destinations can captivate the tourists both local and foreign. One of the most famous tourist destinations of this small town is Pandaratan. This cave is right on the shoreline of Sibolga. This cave is one of the natural caves formed by the pounding sea waves repeated in hundreds of years.

In addition to the natural cave Pandaratan, Sibolga city still has several different tour destinations that are also interesting. Si Buni-Buni waterfall is a hidden waterfall that position to give the impression of this waterfall as the shy waterfall. We can also see the Island Princess with a natural beauty that is still very natural.

In Sibolga, we also can visit Pandan Beach that is located in coastal areas. The beach was very crowded with visitors both weekdays and holidays. If you want to know more about the city of Sibolga, you can visit goindonet or goindonet.com that offers complete Indonesia tourism info. You can get a variety of information about Sibolga Beach City in go Indonesia.

Go Indonesia :: Pandan Beach – Enjoy Your Travelling At Beauty Beach



In previous articles, we have discussed a little bit about the beauty of Pandan Beach that is located in Sibolga. You might be interested to know more about the charm and beauty of this beach. This [link:76]beach[/link] has very stunning natural scenery.

When we were on the beach, we could see the beautiful waters of the open sea stretches. The seawater at this beach has colour of bluish-green and it is very clear. This beach has waves were very calm, so visitors can swim freely several meters from the mouth of the beach safely. The beach [link:9]sand [/link]is white and very soft. The beach is also very clean. We will not find the garbage strewn so that when you enjoy this beach with a walk around it, you will feel very comfortable and soothing.

The beach is very wide, so maybe you need a long time to discover this beach. However, there are natural scenery around this beach area makes you will not get enough of the region continue to explore this coast.

Hundreds of shady trees grew around this beach that gives the impression of coolness for tourists. Under the trees, there is a gazebo and a mat that can be used as place to rest and enjoy the beauty of the beach. The gazebo is one of the facilities can be rented out to visitors.

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Go Indonesia :: Plengkung Beach Is Really Great For Surfing



For those of you who love to surf, Plengkung Beach in

Banyuwanngi might be the best place for you to visit. Indonesia is known

for its beautiful and exotic beaches. There are so many beaches that you

could find in this country that are located in various islands. Most

people only know beaches in Bali or Nusa Tenggara. The truth is that,

other locations in Indonesia also have beautiful beaches as well.

Banyuwangi is one of the locations in Indonesia that are known for their

beautiful beaches.

You could so various activities when you visiting the beaches. Most

people visit beaches to lie down on the sand or swim in the water.

However, there are also people who visit beaches to surf as well. If you

want to surf on the beach, you could visit Plengkung

Beach which is located on Banyuwangi. This beach is located

on Alas Purwo [link:49]National Park[/link], BanyuwangiRegenc, East Java.

The coastline of this beach shapes in giant curve. Among surfers, this

beach is also known as The Seven Giant Waves Wonder due to its

magnificent waves that could reach six meter high.goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia [link:31]tourism[/link] info

Besides its great waves, Plengkung Beach also offers beautiful

natural attraction as well. There is Alas Purwo National Park which is

located not too far from the beach. This national park is home for

various tropical plants and animals. Not far from this beach, you could

find other beach which is called Grajagan Beach. Grajagan is also the

name of port that is located at the tip of Plengkung Bay.

What else


you find on


plengkung beach

When you visit Plengkung Beach and you want to see

animals that are lived on the national park, you could use some

observational towers that are provided by the superintendent of this

area. You also could go to turtle breeding that is located not too far

from this beach as well. If you visit Plengkung Beach, you also could

find historical sites from Majapahit era such as caves and temples.

For those of you who want to visit this [link:81]beach[/link], you

could use public transportation from Banyuwangi. The distance of this

beach from Banyuwangi is about 80 km. You also could reach this beach

from Bali Island as well by suing speedboat. If you use speedboat,

you’ll only need two and a half hour to reach Plengkung Beach.

There are also several cottages that are available in this beach that

could be used as place for you to stay. You also could rent speedboat if

you want to explore Plengkung Beach via water.

goindonesia plengkung beach, plengkung beach [link:69]indonesia


Go Indonesia :: Wakatobi The True Paradise For Divers


A district in South East Sulawesi, Wakatobi is also one

of Indonesian National Marine Parks well known as true paradise for

divers. The district is small archipelago with about 143 islands. The

four main islands in the district that become the center of activity are

Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko, which the name of the

district is taken from. The capital of the district located in Wangi-

wangi Island is Wanci.

There are many reasons why Wakatobi is

called the true paradise for divers. Large barrier reef as the second

largest in the world, truly, the marine park offers more than 50 dive

sites, each with spectacular view underwater. All around the globe, the

underwater life of the marine park is the richest with 942 species of

fish and 750 coral reef species. Amazing tropical coral reefs is

something to be expected with colorful species everywhere you

go. goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info


Every year, divers around the world are coming to explore the

underwater nirvana. As Indonesia promotes the national marine park as one

of must to visit sites in the country, Wakatobi is now famous. Not only

divers, but also many people from different background come to the

islands. Besides enjoying the marine beauty, Bajo sea nomads has

incredible culture to hunt for. Interesting forts, and shopping for

handicrafts are the other interesting things. One famous handicraft for

souvenir is traditional hand-woven cloths in Binongko.

Wakatobi Is Now More Accessible and


The national marine park is actually remote islands far from the

Indonesian crowds. As Indonesian government and private enterprises

develop the area to be better tourism site, the islands is more

accessible through water and air. Airport in Wangi-wangi is now

available. Although the flights are limited, people are now easier to

access the national marine park. Nevertheless, the common way to reach

the islands is through Bau-Bau and then takes boat to

Wakatobi. You can go to Bau-Bau from many big cities in

the country such as Jakarta and Bali.

The accommodation is also better with numerous room options from

homestay to hotel for everybody who wants to stay. For luxurious options,

go to Tomia to find the resort and enjoy the garden bungalow or villa.

Opt for private charter flight and dive package for easy and comfortable


As tropical country, Indonesia only has two seasons so dry season from

March to September is the best time to come. It is okay to come in rain

season but you should be ready with all wet around and beware with

possibility of storms. Well preparation is needed to have the best

Wakatobi experience. goindonesia wakatobi, wakatobi

indonesia, go indonesia wakatobi the true paradise for divers

Go Indonesia :: The Secret Of The Sea Of Bunaken


Those who love diving should never skip the Sea of

Bunaken because this is considered as one of the best places to

dive in the world. This is where you will believe that living underwater

can be really interesting. Many creatures and underwater plants can be

found here while you are diving. The clear, turquoise water is fresh as

well. There is just no reason for you to not visit this beautiful place.

Walking along the island is interesting, but you can also use a boat to

go little faster. If you cannot dive, then do not worry. There is a way

that you can use to still enjoy the underwater living without having to

dive, by using semi diving ship that can be rented.

The most interesting and beautiful thing about the Sea of

Bunaken is surely the underwater. This is what the tourist

wants to experience and explore when they come to visit the island. Even

just walking along the island has been an unforgettable moment that you

can feel. So, enjoying every inch of the island has been really

amazing.  The Sea

of Bunaken allows everyone both who can dive or snorkel

and those who cannot to explore the life underwater. goindonet,

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The Sea of Paradise, the sea of Bunaken

Sea of Bunaken is also known as the sea of Paradise

because of the beauty of the underwater. Those who explore the underwater

will always be admired by the things hidden in the island. Located in

Manado, today the Sea of Bunaken has been considered as

the most popular holiday destination in Manado.

There are nearly 2,000 species living underwater that can be found and

experienced in the Sea of Bunaken. The sea is so deep, it is about 1000

meters. This is why snorkeling or diving in Bunaken would be


When you are exploring underwater in Bunaken, you will find giant

walls underwater that is called as Underwater Great Walls. These giant

walls are built as a place to eat for the fish and species in Bunaken.

So, this is more than just a beautiful place to visit. If you want to

take some underwater pictures, but you do not have such waterproof

camera, you can get the pictures by paying the photographer and he will

help you capture some beautiful pictures underwater. Explore the beauty

underwater in the Sea of Bunaken and you will try a

brand new experience of holiday.go sea of bunaken, goindonesia sea of


Go Indonesia :: A List Of White Sand Beach In Indonesia To Conside


Visiting Indonesia means that you will have a chance to enjoy the day

white sand beach located in different province and

island. The purpose of this article, therefore, is to show you some of

the province that provides such an attraction like white sand

beach. Few beaches can be found easily in Major Island like

Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, whereas you can find a few more of desiring

white sand beach when travelling to the eastern of


Some of you might be asked: why white sand beach and

why Indonesia. First thing to know, Indonesia has a lot of amazing

[link:66]attraction[/link], through which you can feel the whole

sensation of living in a tropical country. So here we are going to

provide a list through which you can recognize some of white sand

beach in Indonesia that has amazing views.

List of White Sand Beach in Indonesia

1)    White sand beach in Lampung

This is located in [link:59]Lampung[/link] (or known locally as

PantaiPasirPutih) and is describing freshness and seductive atmosphere in

a way that is superb and fun. The beach is located 20 kilometers from

Bandar Lampung (in Tarahan Village, South Lampung) and is known as main

tourist attraction in the province. You can reach the [link:27]

beach[/link] in 30 minutes by a car. When in Pantai Pasir Putih, you can

enjoy turquoise sea water harmoniously blend with the delicate and

beautiful white sand beaches spread along the banks.

2)    PantaiPasirPadi in Bangka

In the city of Pangkalpinang, there is PantaiPasirPadi, a

white sand beach located in the island of Bangka. This

beach is directly facing the South China Sea and 100 up to 300 meters of

coastline. The sand is white and solid, whereas the waves are superbly

calm. We recommend you to visit PasirPadi beach, especially if you have a

plan to visit Pangkalpinang. Moreover, the beach can be reached either

from Pangkalbalam seaport or Depati Amir Airport.

3)    Ngurbloat beach (PantaiPasirPanjang)

Looking for a white sand beach in eastern [link:72]

Indonesia[/link]? We’d like to recommend Ngurbloat beach in

Ngilngof village, Southeast Maluku District. The locals know the beach as

Pantai Pasir Panjang. That said, the beach has coastal areaswith a length

of5 kilometers, start from Ngurbloat beach to Ngursamadan beach in

Ojoililir. The white sand is very soft and dubbed as the softest beach in

Southeast Asia.

4)    Indrayanti beach

This one is located in Yogyakarta, offering white sandy beaches with

crystal clear sea water. Located in district of Wonosari, Indrayanti

beach also offers a few restaurants overlooking the beach, beautiful

coral reefs, and desiring white sand. When visiting this white sand

beach, its blue water feels like calling you to swim.

5)    Klanyar beach

This one is located about 30 kilometers from Pacitan and offers

white sand beach and natural fountainas high as


6)    White sand beach in


This beach is famous forits white sand and curved beach overlooking

the sea. Both of which are complemented with forest, which becomes

background that offers a fabulous panoramic cluster.

7)    Perasi beach

People know this beach as a hidden white sand beach.

Located in Karangasem, Bali, Peruse beach offers quite beach that can be

reached in 2 hours from Kura. The beach is very clean, far from the

hustle, and becomes one of beach you need to visit in Bali.

8)    Nusa Dua beach

The beach of Nusa Dua, [link:12]Bali[/link], ranked first as the most

favorite white sand

beach. The beach is beautiful with pure white sand and

safe for swimming. The main advantage of Nusa Dua beach is:it is still

relatively quiet, and in contrast to most beaches in Bali which are too

crowded. goindonet, [link:54]go indonesia[/link],complete

indonesia [link:63]tourism[/link] info

Which White Sand Beach to Choose?

Basically, we leave the choice to you. However, if you insist, then we

recommend you to visit Ngurbloat beach. This one has the softest

white sand beach in Indonesia, whereas the neighborhood

is tempting as well. That said, you can spend your holiday fully and

recharge the freshness of mind in a way that is fun and relaxing. The

list of white sand beach provided in here functions

double, one of which is to guide to in searching a way to enjoy desiring

holiday experience.