Go Indonesia :: Kalimantan The Paradise For Adventurer


Kalimantan is part of Borneo that owned by Indonesia. Although

the land area is the largest compared to other islands in Indonesia, the

population is sparse. The reason is vast rain forests that make it

paradise for adventurer who go Indonesia for

uncharted jungles.

Rain forests in Borneo are bio-diverse area with thousands of plants

and hundreds animal species grow and live there. It is very old

rainforest from 130 million years ago. Borneo rainforest is even older

than Amazon rain forest. One famous endangered species that live in

natural Borneo habitat is orang utan.

Many Indonesia’s national parks are located

in this island. Those are Danau Sentarum, Betung Kerihun, Bukit Baka

Bukit Raya, Gunung Palung, Tanjung Puting, Kayan Mentarang, Kutai, and

Sabangau. Tanjung Puting is World Network of Biosphere Reserves and Danau

Sentarum is Ramsar Site.

Although population is sparsely, Kalimantan is rich

of culture. The famous tribe in the island is Dayak tribe. Superstitious

believe still play important part in the culture. Gemstones and beads

arts are two famous souvenirs. When you go to Banjarmasin, enjoy the

floating market where people sell various products on the boat.

Since Indonesian part of the island is sparsely

populated with vast rain forest area, arranged tour is recommendable for

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