Go Indonesia :: Experience The Beautiful Gunung Mas Agro Tourism


Gunung Mas is one of the best agro tourism destinations in West

Java,exactly located in Puncak, Bogor. Like its name, in Bahasa

Indonesia, gunung is mountain, which means you can enjoy the beautiful

mountain scenery while walking along the green tea garden. There is a

large tea garden that can be explored and whenever you look around, there

will be just greenery of tea garden in front of you. The most

interesting, you do not have to walk to explore the large tea garden, but

you can ride a horse instead.goindonet, go indonesia,

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There is also a tea factory that you can visit to learn how the tea is

processed when you are coming here. For a more excitement, you can enjoy

swimming in the Tirta Mas swimming pool near the tea garden. Those who

are afraid of riding a horse can go with a Tea Walk activity, which is

walking around the tea garden led by a tourist guide. You can choose

whether to choose a 4-kilometers, 6-kilometers or 8-kilometers Tea Walk.

By walking around the tea garden, you can see directly the farmers

harvest the tea from the trees. Gunung Mas is a very

exciting place to visit for those who love learning and having fun while

enjoying the beautiful nature. go indonesia gunung mas,gunung mas


Go Indonesia :: The Best Agro Tourism Destinations in West Java


West Java can be a great destination to visit when it comes to explore

and enjoy the beautiful nature of Indonesia especialy in the agro

tourism. There are so many great places to visit in West Java that offer

beautiful scenery of nature combined with the excitement of holiday that

cannot be found in anywhere else. To make it easier, here is a list of

great places to know and to explore.

Gunung Mas Agro Tourism

Located in Puncak, West Java, Gunung Mas is one of the best places to

visit in West Java when you want to explore the agro

tourism destination. You can find a large tea

garden with beautifully green scenery. The most interesting here is that

you can walk around the tea garden by riding a horse. This is truly a new

and interesting experience to ride a horse among the green tea garden

while feeling the fresh air of Gunung Mas.goindonet,

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Sweet berry

Like its name, this is a place where the visitors can find a beautiful

strawberry garden and harvest the strawberries by themselves to bring

home. You can experience a different way of buying strawberries by

harvesting them by yourself. Not only strawberries, there are also other

plants grown here such a tomatoes, eggplants, broccolis and chilies.

Kebon Nogo

Located in Cimenyan village, Bandung West Java, Kebon Nogo is where

you can find a large dragon fruit garden that you can explore. This place

is more than just an agro tourism destination, but this

is also a place to supply dragon fruit for all the areas in west Java

especially Jakarta. You can walk around the dragon fruit garden and even

taste it to see how fresh and different the fruit grown here is.

Godong Ijo

Godong Ijo is a very appropriate holiday destination for family

vacation because this place offers educated agro

tourism for your children. This offers more than just a place to

enjoy, but also a place to learn. Children can learn how to make a

vertical garden, knowing about global warming, doing a tour to see the

Flora and Fauna and many more interesting educated activities.

With so many beautiful and interesting places to visit in Indonesia,

now you have more options to go with when you visit Indonesia especially

west Java. You can find more interesting places that offer more than just

a good agro tourism place to visit, butalso a place to

give you a memorable and precious experience.  go indonesia agro

tourism,  agro tourism indonesia