Go Indonesia :: Best Makassar Culinary Options To Try


Makassar culinary is popular all

around Indonesia because of the great taste and

seasonings. So, if you come to Makassar without experiencing the nice

foods that would be really horrible. Never skip the foods of Makassar

because this is actually one of the best options in Indonesia. Sop Konro

is one of the best Makassar foods that will make your tongue dancing

around. This is made of high quality beef mixed with soup sauce with

great tasted seasonings. Another option is grilled Konro, the same Konro

as the Sup Konro without the sauce since this is grilled with peanut

sauce for a tastier experience.goindonet, go indonesia

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Still talking about beef and soup, there is a good food to try called

Sup Saudara, which is made of a mix of beef, potato and bihun, a kind of

smooth, white noodle from Indonesia. You can eat it in the evening while

enjoying the beautiful night of Makassar. For the desert, you can try

Pisang Epe, a great, sweet snack made of banana. The banana is clipped

well until it is sprawled. It is grilled and completed with Javanese

sugar sauce. This would be a great ending for your dining in Makassar.

There are still other more options of Makassar culinary

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