Catching Sunset in Candi Ijo Palace with


Candi Ijo Palace is a special temple located in Yogyakarta that recommends you to come here. It’s an amazing temple with the great location. The access to go to this temple is easy enough. You can go there by using motorcycle or car. The best time to go this place is at the afternoon (around 04 p.m). It offers adorable scenery with the great view from the top hills. Let’s check out the quick review about this temple!

Candi Ijo Palace Special Sunset Awaiting You in Dramatic Spaces


Candi Ijo refers to the literal meaning of “green temple”. Ijo is a Javanese language for “green”. It named as “Ijo” because of the green field around the temple. This temple is categorized as Hindu temple. It’s located near Ratu Boko Palace—at around 18 km from Yogyakarta. What makes it interesting is about its height. Candi Ijo located at 410 meters above the sea level.

It’s time for you to catch the sunset. The dramatic view from this spot will make you enjoy the relaxing time here. Don’t hesitate to grab your camera. Wait until the sun go down. You also can see the planes from Adi Sucipto airport landing or taking over. The starry night is also a nice thing that you can get. Remember, it’s better for you to come Candi Ijo Palace at the summer season.