Central Kalimantan Province Tourism

Central Kalimantan Province is the biggest province in island of Borneo. The area is huge but development is not significant. Hence, Central Kalimantan tourism is well known for jungle adventure of highly reserved tropical forest. Apart from the nature, culture is part of the allure with Dayak Tribes traditions that make people say ‘wow’.


Cities and Regencies of Central Kalimantan Province


Central Kalimantan consists of 1 city and 13 regencies. The city is Palangkaraya. The regencies are North Barito, East Barito, South Barito, East Kotawaringin, West Kotawaringin, Kapuas, Katingan, Pulang Pisau, Gunung Mas, Lamandau, Murung Raya, Seruyan, and  Sukamara.


How to Get In


The options to get into Central Kalimantan are by road from the surrounding Borneo area, by sea using ferry or boat at Sampit port, and by air using plane that landed at Tjilik Riwut Airport.


Popular Destinations


Natural wonders are reserved at Bukit Raya National Park, Tanjung Puting National Park, Kota Waringin Timur Forest group, Bukit Sapat Hawung, and the other natural reserves. Orang Utan is endemic endangered species that you can meet.


When you enjoy the nature of Central Kalimantan, you can also meet the native of Kalimantan, Dayak Tribes. Kalimantan is rich of culture and you will find countless interesting traditions and arts. The next is historical journey to some historical sites such as Tajahan Tjilik Riwut and The Wreck of Onrust Ship.