Goindonet.com Offering You Epic Drini Beach Exploration



Drini Beach is an awesome beach in Yogyakarta that recommended for you by Goindonet.com. It’s a special beach with different setting. The white sand on the beach might be a common thing that you just felt bored. On this case, how if you get a tropical climate for better sunbathing, a white sand with dramatic blue-green colored sea and an epic coast made from the nature coral reef? Drini beach can be a good answer.

Coastal Reef with Breezy Air in Drini Beach

Located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, you can reach this beach at about 1 – 2 hour by using motorcycle or a car. The accommodation to this beach is cheap enough. You just need to spend at about IDR 50.000 (about five bucks) to come here. After you reach the beach, welcome to the hidden paradise! There is epic horizon awaiting you on this place.

You can enjoy awesome scenery from the coastal reef hills. It has dramatic look from the higher place on Drini. Several gazebos are also available to get some relaxation with awesome scenery from this place. It’s a recommended thing for you to come here during the summer season. Well, let’s put Drini Beach on your next destination list and hope this information brings new inspiration for you.