Go Indonesia :: Enjoy Dutch Colonial Atmosphere In Old Town Batavia


Batavia is now Jakarta, a metropolitan city that highly modernized. Yet,

in the northwestern side of the city we still able to feel the colonial

atmosphere at Old Town Batavia. The town was established

in VOC era in 17th century when Dutch still rule Indonesia. In

the old time, Batavia was the Jewel of Asia

where the trade of precious products, including spices, ceramics, cloths,

and coffee was held there.

The old colonial town is preserved in 1.3 square kilometers area in

the sides of Ciliwung River. Although the town was built by the Dutch,

this area demonstrates multicultural heritages, as it was the focal point

of spice trade route from European to Asia. The area also shows the rich

elements of a Dutch town planning.

The center of [link:66]attraction[/link] is the old building

named [link:10]Museum[/link] Fatahillah that was municipal building

in VOC era and the town square named Fatahillah square. Several old

buildings and warehouses are transformed into museums, including Fine Art

and Ceramic Museum, Wayang Museum, and Bank Mandiri Museum. Cina Town,

Sion Protestant Church, Luar Batang Mosque, Jakarta Kota Station, Kota

Intan Drawbridge, and Maritime Museum near Sunda Kelapa Harbour complete

the old Batavia adventure. One thing you

should not miss is authentic Dutch cuisines in the restored Café

Batavia. go indonesia old town batavia,