Go Indonesia :: Traveling In Indonesia By Rail Tours


Traveling in Indonesia means that you have a chance to enjoy different

types of attraction, one of which is rail tours. This

definitely different than any other toursbecauseyouwillenjoyall kinds

ofsceneryby train. Rail tours are currently available

only in the island of Java. The operator of that train (KeretaApi

Indonesia) operates a few car to bring you explore various cities on the

island of Java as Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya, and few

other cities. In addition to such option, there is also oldsteam

trainthatstilloperatedina particular area such as Ambarawa. Plus, you

also got some chance to enjoy beautiful scenery of East Java by Lorries.

As such, there are plenty options when it comes to rail


This article would like to show you some references on available

rail tours to enjoy during a visit in Indonesia. The

following paragraph will start with the one available in Ambarawa Museum

that is located in Central Java. goindonet, go indonesia

,complete indonesia tourism info

Available Rail Tours in the Island of Java and


1)      Ambarawa Museum

Thisisarailway stationwhichis nowconverted intoamuseuminAmbarawa,

located in Central Java. Acollection the museum has is asteam

trainwithlocomotivenumberB2502. The latter is complemented by a B2503

made ofEsslingenMaschinenfabriekandB5112 made

ofHannoverscheMaschinenbauAG. PT KAI still operates the three

locomotivesto serve tourist during rail tours. The

museumserves the visitorwhowants toenjoy the journeyofAmbarawa-Bedono,

Ambarawa-Tuntangandvice versa, whichis initiatedusing thelocomotiveB5112.

Trainof this type included in such package asAmbarawaRailwayMountainTour,

whichoperatedfromthe museumAmbawarawatowardsBedonoStation (distanced 35


2)      From Padang to Pariaman

From the Island of Java to the West Sumatra, people can find

rail tours serving the tourist who want to go from

Padang to Pariaman. While Ambarawa Museum provides only an old way of

tours using old steam locomotive, a tourist train from Padang to Pariaman

(and vice versa) will ride with a more modern train. There are so

manyexoticsceneries to be enjoyed in all the wayfromPadangtoPariaman.

3)      Lori Kaliraga, East Jave

Lori Kaliraga is one of the best among various rail

tours available in Indonesia. Located in Jember, East Jave,

every tourist got a chance to enjoy the ride while seeing a lot of

historical stories, cultural landscape, and natural attractions. The Lori

will bring you to Garahan through Kalibaru-Mrawan. It takes 2 until 3-

hour trip from Kalibaru to Garahan, yet the Lori will be operated if a

few people want to rent it.

4)      Jaladara, Central Java

Central Java has another rail tours like one that is

offered via an old steam train which dubbed as Jaladara. The latter is

only available in Solo, and passes through Purwosarito SoloCity, a

distance of about6km.

5)      Toraja, Bali,

Imperial, Jawa, Sumatera, Nusantara, and Priority

The six refers to a type of modern passenger cars, which regularly

offered, but limited nonetheless. A car like Imperial, for example, is

suited only for 19-22 passengers. Rail tours

initiated using one of those cars mean a lot, as there are various,

exclusive facilities to accompany your special


Those rail

tours mentioned above has been running for decades. Some

of them are very special and will absolutely make your day to be special

as well. When in West Sumatera, particularly if you intend to visit

Padang, an old steam like ‘MakItam’ will bring you to explore

the line of Sawahlunto to Muarokolaban. Panoramic scenery and the beauty

of Bukit Barisan are twomain thingsthat you will meetalong the way. At

that point, various rail tours mentioned in here have

existed just to serve tourists who come to Indonesia to seek desiring


Which Rail Tours to Choose?

So many tours available in Indonesia, and it should

raise a question: which one to choose? Basically, we recommend you to

pick the one which suits your interest. Therefore, if you intend to visit

Central Java, we advise you to enjoy rail tours provided

by Ambarawa station.