Gowa Discovery Park Makassar Alloy Water Tourism and Bird Park

Gowa Discovery Park Makassar Alloy Water Tourism and Bird Park

Gowa Discovery Park Makassar

One of the preferred destinations when vacationing with family is a vehicle to play in Makassar. There is a tourist attraction that is a favorite place for many people. This is Gowa Discovery Park, its name. This place is a combination of water tourism with a bird park, certainly very exciting. The location of Gowa Discovery Park is on Tumanurung road, the ancient fortress of Makasar Somba Opu, Barombong, Makassar, South Sulawesi province. This GDP Park, in fact, is a bird park that has been packed with modern systems. But it still gives a natural and beautiful impression.


Facilities at Gowa Discovery Park

The park has an area of 7.2 hectares which consists of 3 bird park and Waterboom areas complete with a variety of supporting facilities, in which a very large parking area is available. So you don’t have to worry about not getting your vehicle parking space. There are outbound areas, halls, souvenir shops, food courts, gazebos, prayer rooms, waterboom rides, and bird parks.

If you have a strong appetite, don’t be afraid of starvation. In this food court, there is a Balinese menu, jumbo hens with relatively reasonable prices, the normal portion of betutu chicken is cheaper, the penyet chicken and Balinese fried chicken are all very cheap. but not too cheap.

In addition, those who like rawon rice with chicken, are available, with fresh vegetables and crispy chicken also available, please adjust to your taste. Want to eat snacks, there is a fried banana, cheese flavor. Drinks in the form of mineral water, typical black coffee of Gowa, coffee milk available. Please, I’m sure you will eat eagerly there.


How to get to Gowa Discovery Park and entry ticket

To get to this place, you do not need to bother because of its location from downtown Makassar, only about 6 km. So that you know that there are various kinds of vehicles available in GDP, each vehicle uses varied and different entrance rates.

For normal days, the entrance fee is IDR 55,000 per person including the bird park. Bird park itself has a tariff of Rp. 25,000 per person. If you intend to enter all entertainment places at once, it is better to take a special rate to enter all entertainment venues, the rate of which is IDR 85,000 per person. Tree top area or outbound area is Rp. 35,000 per person, this can make your adventure spirit go away, don’t miss it, you can regret it ok.


If you visit Makassar, then the Gowa Discovery Park tourist attraction is a choice that must not be missed.

Because it can be said that the GDP park is one of the tourist icons of the city of Makassar. The location is not far from the area of the site which has a history of the largest fortress left from the Kingdom of Gowa, Benteng Somba Opu. The location is on Daeng Tata street, Makassar district, just a few kilometers from the city center, there are no road guides, everyone knows is well known.

Bring swimwear if you have planned to go to Waterboom, maybe you will be banned by officers there if you use jean here. After you finish paying the ticket, there is usually an officer who guides you, and there is a large size map there. The officer will ask you where you want to go first. Don’t forget to share your experience here. Certainly very amazing and different.

All right, make sure you are happy, forget about the busyness of the office all the tedious activities, but don’t be late for worship. Pray because prayer on the journey must be granted by God, it must be. Who knows your goals to meet there.