Go Indonesia :: South Nias – Great Destination To Get Great Travelling



South Nias is one of the districts in West Sumatra and its location on Nias Island. As explained in the previous article, Nias Island has some tourism potential in some areas in the island, including South Nias. In this district has diverse tourism potential. The beach in this district is a surge for surfers. Here are a few existing tourism potential in the district, as reported in goindonet or goindonet.com.

Lagundri beach is one of the beaches with waves big enough with an average altitude of up to 3-4 meters. On this beach, surfing competitions are often held. In addition to being spot for surfers, beach Lagundri also has a beautiful sunset is amazing.

In addition to the beach Lagundri are often used as a surf spot, the district also has other beaches that are part of the international surfing locations are Sorake. Surfing championship event is held every year. Moreover, if at low tide, this situation will slope beach and the seawater tends to be reduced so that you can see the coral reef that you can pass while looking for small marine aquarium fish caught in between coral.

There are several other tourism potential that can become a tourist attraction for both local and international. We can get the latest information about the varied charms Nias through go Indonesia. You will be treated to complete Indonesia tourism info including various tourism potential in South Nias.