Go Indonesia :: Gunung Palung With Ecosystem Diversity

Stunning is not enough to describe Gunung Palung. At a glance, it is only one of many national parks in Borneo but Gunung Palung has something different. With seven distinct habitat types, Gunung Palung National Park is the place where one-day visit is not enough to feel satisfied to explore the ecosystem.

Located in West Kalimantan, the national park covers 90,000-hectare area with ecosystem diversity including lowland alluvial forest, swamp forest, freshwater swamp forest, mangrove forest, peat forest, and montane forest. Almost every type of vegetation and bird species of Borneo are found in this park. Black orchid (Coelogyne pandurata) is unique vegetation found in this park when the flowers bloom mostly between February and April. Similar with other national parks in Borneo, orang utan become the highly conserved animal in this park. In 1994, The Gunung Palung Orang Utan Project was established. Then, hundreds of animal species complete the biodiversity.

Apart of ecotourism, tourist could also enjoy cultural and historical tourism. In the outside area of Gunung Palung, various cultural attractions are held by the locals. Inside the national park, there are several ancient remains. Due to highly protected area, tourist could only enter the park by purchasing tour package. However, it worth the adorable nature and culture you will enjoy.