Go Indonesia :: Know These Indonesia Facts Before Visiting The Country


Before you visit Indonesia, be sure you know


facts that will help you enjoy

your visit in the finest way with fewer problems. Each country has its

own uniqueness. The uniqueness of Indonesia will make your vacation more




Facts that Make

Vacation More Interesting

Indonesia is tropical country with only two seasons. Dry season occur

throughout April to September and rainy season occur throughout October

to March. However, due to global warming, Indonesia

experience climate change that recently, even in the month of April,

heavy rain still fall. If tanning is one of your goals, go

Indonesia during the dry season.goindonet, go indonesia,

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More than 700 languages are spoken in Indonesia. Indonesian people

commonly speak Indonesian as the official language of the country and at

least one local language. When you visit different places, you can expect

to hear the locals speak different languages and dialect.

Indonesia is well known for the hospitality of the people. When you

visit the country, the locals may greet you and try to talk with you.

Their English maybe a little bit odd but you will find it interesting to

hear them speak. Then, do not startle if out of the blue, they ask you to

selfie. Meeting with foreign people is somewhat fascinating for them. For

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