Go Indonesia :: Mesmerized At Indonesia National Parks



You who wish to enjoy Indonesia’s natural beauty, Indonesia national parks are your best destination. In [link:88]goindonet[/link], you will find a lot of information about magnificent national parks in the country that captivated every eye.

Up to 2015, the total number of national [link:49]park[/link]s in Indonesia is 51. All of them have the diverse biosphere with numerous species of animals and plants. Of course, many endangered species are protected in the national park. For complete Indonesia tourism info of Particular Park, you can read in other post.

Six national parks are well known for their incredible beauty and listed as World Heritage Sites. Those national parks are Leuser Mountain, Bukit Barisan Selatan, [link:17]Komodo Island[/link], Lorenzt, [link:35]Ujung Kulon[/link], and Kerinci Seblat.

Nine of them are listed as World Network of Biosphere Reserves that surely have amazing views and promising great adventure. The national parks are Gunung Leuser, Siberut, Lore Lindu, Taka Bone Rate, [link:19]Wakatobi[/link], Komodo, Tanjung Puting,[link:16]Bromo[/link] Tengger Semeru, and Gunung Gede Pangrango.

Under Ramsar Convention, 5 national parks are international important wetlands. Those are Danau Sentarum, Wasur, Rawa Aopa Watumohai, Berbak, and Sembilang.

The other national parks may not have international status but they are all enchanting and important destination in go Indonesia. With tropical trees in the surrounding, enjoy the fresh air and get the chance to see exotic animals with your own eyes at Indonesia national parks.