Go Indonesia :: Types Of Indonesian Batik Motif


Indonesian batik has been officially designated by UNESCO since 2009 as a Masterpiece of Oral and Heritage of Humanity. The declaration took place on October 2nd, making this date get known as National Batik Day. If you go Indonesia, you should not miss visiting a batik store or factory.

Some Popular Patterns of Indonesian Batik

Batik is more than just traditional clothing design. There is actually noble philosophy on each of Indonesian Batik pattern, usually reflecting the locals’ wisdom. It is what most people have no idea about. Goindonet site has a list of popular patterns of batik, including:

  • Udan Riris – We have to own fortitude to face life and its problems as the human being.
  • Parangkusuma – Equated with the scent of kusuma (flower), life must be based on struggle and efforts to achieve the fragrances of physical and spiritual.
  • Parang Rusak – It shows victory in the war against the evil mind, shown by how people have good temper and behave nicely.
  • Truntum – Created by Kanjeng Ratu Beruk, the wife of Sunan Pakubowono III of Surakarta, in the late of 18th century, the motifs was meant to bring back her husband’s love and enliven their intimacy again.

Batik motifs vary from one region to another. You can learn various Indonesian batik patterns and the meaning lies behind each of them from the complete Indonesia tourism info.