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Rupiah is Indonesian currency, released by the Bank

Indonesia (BI) and marked as Rp or IDR. If you wander around to this

country, you will get familiar with their currency. It is available in

coins, bronzes and banknotes. The coins start from Rp 100 to Rp 500,

while the bronzes have been slowly disappeared. However, you will find a

new coin of Rp 1000, seems being used to replace the Rp 1000 banknote

that is almost rare. The banknotes also come in denominations of Rp 1000

to Rp 100000. When you use this type of Indonesian

currency, make sure you keep on eye the number of zero printed.

There is no dot or comma to separate the last three zeros, while you will

see Rp 10000 and Rp 100000 look similar in color. goindonet, go

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How to Get Indonesian Currency

Unlike in the country you come from, you will deal with cash more

often in Indonesia. Therefore, preparing the local

currency is important if you want to shop around. Credit and debit cards

are not usable on all areas, especially if it is not international use.

Take for example when you want to enter a local market. You must use

Indonesian currency as the sellers do not

provide themselves with the credit or debit card machines.

To get the Indonesian currency, you can go to a

bank branch where you have an account in your country. You will also find

money changes at popular tourism spots. You can go by yourself there.

However, they may just have the service to deal with 7-8 foreign

currencies. If you have the one they do not, you should place the order

in advance. Besides that, the denominations are usually in small number,

averagely $50 and $100.

Pay attention to the exchange rates when you want to get

Indonesian currency. It usually fluctuates at daily

basis. You can possibly see the information from major banks starting

from 10.30am. They post it after receiving the notification from the head

office. If you are intended to exchange your money with

Indonesian currency at the bank, make sure to go there

before 2:30pm when the trading usually ends. However, the money changes

can have more flexible opening hours.

If you are looking for the best rate in exchanging the

Indonesian currency, you can ask to local people or

other tourists. You should feel no hesitation to do this survey. They

will give you the recommendations. Or, you can take a look around and see

the physical look of the bank or money changer. If it is busy with

tourists, it is a good sign. Make sure that you also see the sign showing

that the money changer is authorized.

Other Payment Methods Besides Indonesian Currency


Besides using the cash, you can take the advantage of other payment

methods when traveling to Indonesia. Still they allow you use the

Indonesian currency without having to always bring the


  • Travel card – a great way with pros and cons. This plastic cansave much space in your wallet because you do not need to bring too muchcash. However, not all of tourism areas accept travel card. As you applythe traveling budget in this travel card, you will need back-up ways toaccess your money.
  • Credit card – useful to travel overseas.You are still able to withdraw the cash in Indonesian currency from the local ATMs. Just make sure you have contactedyour bank to give you the access and information where you are possibleto take the money. However, be ready with the drawbacks of high charge atevery withdrawal.
  • Debit card – alternative to the credit card. You need to findATMs or merchants that accept debit card with the same logo like yours.Take for example Visa and MasterCard. Though it is easy to find, youwon’t know the exchange Indonesian currency rate.Therefore, you must be careful in making self-calculation.

Wherever you want to trade your money to Indonesian

currency, take time to view the current exchange rate. Take time

to view the website of the Bank Indonesia or other local banks. If you

can’t go online, you can buy the daily English written newspapers,

to get the information of Indonesian currency exchange