Go Indonesia :: Things To Do In Jakarta Aside Of Business


Things to do in Jakarta could give you great idea to spend your time in the capital of Indonesia. Business purpose is the reason to come to Jakarta. While business only is boring, is needed to have fun. Here are some ideas from goindonet.

As metropolitan city, you can find numerous shopping malls as well as lively nightlife places. Yet, malls and bars are just quite similar in many part of the world. If you like it, do it to rid stress.

If common metropolitan activities were boring, museums would be something interesting for you who wish to know the history. Monas is where you can learn the history of Indonesia, Old Batavia/Kota Tua where numerous Old Dutch buildings are preserved would be good option to know the Jakarta in the past.

Similar with other metropolitan city, social diversity in Jakarta creates colorful cultures. However, Betawi people are working hard to make local culture preserved. Betawi Cultural Village Setu Babakan is one place to enjoy Betawi arts and culture.

Complete Indonesia tourism info will not complete without cuisine info. When you go Indonesia and visit Jakarta, do not forget to try Betawi cuisines such as soto betawi and kerak telor to complete things to do in Jakarta.