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Komodo National Park is one of a unique national park in

Indonesia which located in the border region between the provinces of

West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara or within the Lesser Sunda

[link:78]Island[/link]s. The national park consists of three large

islands, which are Rinca, Padar and Komodo itself and 26 small islands.

It covers about 1.733 square kilometers of total area. It was founded in

1980 as the area for protecting komodo dragons that are recognized as the

biggest lizard in the world. Later, the national park is also dedicated

to protect other species, including animals that live under the water. In

1991, UNESCO recognized and declared it as World [link:34]Heritage

[/link] Sites and it also selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of

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The climate around the park is hot and dry, make it to an ideal

habitat for [link:17]Komodo[/link] dragon. There is only 500 meters

of cloud forests but it provides good habitat to some endemic

flora.  On the north east coast, fringing and patch coral reefs are

developed well and extensive, it makes the water around the

komodo national park is rich of marine life, including

ocean sunfish, eagle rays, false pipefish, nudibranchs, tunicates, coral,

whale sharks, manta rays, pygmy seahorse, clown frogfish, blue-ringed

octopus and sponges. go indonesia komodo national park, komodo national

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