Go Indonesia :: The List Of Beautiful Places To Visit In Lombok Island


Lombok Island offers hundreds of retreat and good places

everyone can enjoy for a moment during their holiday. In the former,

there are not many people know about this island because what most people

know the beautiful island in Indonesia is only Bali. However, near the

Bali Island, there is another beautiful island, Lombok

Island. This island has so many beautiful natural places

that can make everyone feel amazing visiting the island. This is the most

appropriate place to visit when you want to go away for a while from the

real world where you are busy with your work. This is where you can get

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So, what is the secret of Lombok Island that make it so popular

both in local or foreign tourists nowadays? The natural landscape and the

amazing scenery are the reasons why. In this island, you can also find

Kuta Beach, the beach with the same name with the one in Bali Island, but

with a different impression. This is one of the most beautiful places in

Lombok because the beach is surrounded with valleys and the white sand is

really incredible. However, this beach is not

crowded as Kuta Beach in Bali since not many people know about this

beautiful place. So, when you come there you might not find as many as

the people in Kuta Beach Bali Island. This is actually a good thing when

you go there to really get some peace out of the crowds.

The Most Popular Places in Lombok Island

Like Kuta beach, there are also some other hidden beautiful places in

Lombok Island that is not yet well known by the local

and foreign tourists. However, Lombok also offer some popular places that

people have known really well, one of them is the Desert Point. This is a

place where surfers should not skip when they come to Lombok. This is one

of the best surfing places in Indonesia and it has been even considered

as one of the ten surfing beaches with the hottest waves. You can really

enjoy the experience of surfing with the big and strong waves of the

beach. Surely this is not appropriate for beginner surfers. You should be

a pro to be able to do surfing here.

So, if you love natural landscape, you could visit this beautiful

Rinjani mountain since it offers truly beautiful

natural landscaping that you would really admire. This is the second

tallest volcanoes in Indonesia.  So, make sure to explore that

nature from Lombok Island and do not make your own self

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