Go Indonesia :: Most Visited Holiday Destinations In Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is the most visited province in Java Island for those

who want to spend their holiday because Yogyakarta offers many good

places to enjoy in Java.Javanese people really know Yogya very well as a

place where numerous holiday destinations are available. Because of the

popularity, there are some places in Yogya that have the most visitors

daily. Knowing about the places might be helpful because it can help you

find the right holiday destination to visit in

Yogyakarta. There are temples, beaches, nature,

outdoor activities, art and cultural destinations, culinary destinations

and shopping centre.so, many things can be found here. goindonet,

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If you love beaches, ParangtritisĀ [link:76]beach[/link] can be a

good place to visit because this is considered as the most popular and

most visited beach in Yogyakarta. Parangtritis beach has quite

strong and big waves because the beach is located on the edge of Indies

Ocean. So, you might not be able to play in the water of Parangtritis

beach due to the big and strong waves. Instead, you can enjoy the valley

of sand around the beach since this is the most interesting part of the


Yogyakarta, the Paradise of Holiday Destinations in Java


Those who love shopping should visit the shopping centre of

Yogyakarta, Malioboro. Malioboro is full of tourists

daily because it offers both culinary and shopping experiences. You can

try different kinds of foods originated from Yogyakarta and some shirts,

bags, accessories and many other good things too. Along the road of

Malioboro, there are many options of foods to try especially in the

evening. The most interesting is that Malioboro Street is a place where

taking pictures is really important. People even like to take pictures

near the sign of Malioboro Street when they come here.

Taman Sari Water Castle is the next most visited place to visit in

[link:41]Yogyakarta[/link]. This place has been around since many years

ago because this is considered as one of the cultural heritage from

Yogyakarta. In the former, Taman Sari water Castle is a

defense building from the enemies and this is also a meditation area for

the kingdom family. Today, Taman Sari Water Castle is a good holiday

destination with fresh and comfortable air because there are some ponds

beautiful flower garden around the place. There are still even more

options to go with when you visit Yogyakarta, so explore

more what you can enjoy in there.