Go Indonesia :: The Natural Beauty Of Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia and it is surrounded with beautiful scenery to enjoy. Located in Lombok Island, Rinjani has been one of the most favorite destinations for holiday because of its beauty. However, climbing up the mountain could not be easy considering that this is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia, but once you are on top, you can see how beautiful Lombok Island in one awesome image.

Rinjani Mountain Trekking

Trekking is one of the most commonly done by people who come here because trekking allows you to see the massive beauty of the mountain in detail. Doing the trekking to climb up the mountain would give you an opportunity to enjoy the waterfall, lake and landscape around the mountain. You can also do some hiking to walk around the mountain without having to climb it up if this is too hard for you because of the height. Trekking and hiking can spend some days about three or four days. Keep in mind that you should make sure your body is well protected before hiking or trekking. Find theĀ [complete Indonesia tourism info and get prepared. Wear the best trekking shoes and clothes and start exploring the Rinjani Mountain to see what is hidden