Go Indonesia :: North-Maluku-Tourism Hides Paradise of Go Indonesia and Good History to Learn


North-Maluku-tourism might not famous destination in Indonesia but the province hides many great things that make people regret because they pass it from the list. It hides tropical paradise where the plants, the animals, and the surrounding environment are worth to view. The province hides many historical buildings where stories are worth to hear.

north-maluku-tourism Nature and History

Nature in this province is magnificent especially many of the islands are uninhabited. Therefore, it is very easy to find the untouched nature. White sand beaches are spreading for miles where tourist could do various activities from swimming to diving. The water is still clear and the air is so fresh. With warm climate all year round, your tropical holiday will bring good mood.

This province has been through a long story. In the past, north-maluku-tourism is the place where traders from Arab, India, China, and Europe come to the islands to get spices. Maluku is the native of nutmeg and mace. Numerous cultures were met and shared here. Sultanate Palace, Oranye Fort, Statue of Vasco da Gama, big mosques, and minarets are the examples of great old buildings. Now, the province is quiet. Although it is not easy to reach north-maluku-tourism, the happiness is worth the effort.