Go Indonesia :: Ojek Service Brings Fun To Explore The City

One transportation option to explore Indonesia city is ojek service. Ojek is Indonesian version of motorcycle taxi. Unlike car taxi that gives you the comfort under the roof, enjoy the wind all along the road. Since this is unique transportation option, goindonet decides to put it on complete Indonesia tourism info.

In big cities, ojek is commonly available in many corners of the main streets. You can distinct ojek driver by the bright colored jacket with number. The drivers commonly sit on the bike or bench near the bikes, waiting for customer. In big cities, ojek service could be ordered via phone or online. Some providers even offer app for smartphone.

With crazy traffic in most big cities of Indonesia, ojek is good choice to reduce traffic distress. You can save a lot of time because the ojek driver could go between cars or taking short cut on smaller and less crowded road. In remote area, where public transportation is not available and the roads are problematic, ojek is likely the only choice.

If you order ojek by phone or online, the bike is equipped by distance meter and the priced is calculated per km. If you have it on the street, the driver fixes the price but haggling is possible. Whatever you choose, ojek service brings fun experience on go Indonesia