Go Indonesia :: Pangandaran Tour for Awesome Sanctuary Destinations

Pangandaran tour is located in Western Java Province. It’s a national park that considered as sanctuary with its awesome scenery. You should come to this place to get new inspiration about the nature habits. Pangandaran offers awesome places, where you can enjoy the sea-landscape in different side. You also can see many nature habits on this sanctuary in closer look. Are you curious? Let’s continue scrolling down!

Pangandaran Tour with Adorable Horizon

This location is famous enough for local tourists. You can get to this place by using land transportation such as local buses. You can visit the amusing beaches such as Batu Hiu beach, Batu Karas beach and Pangandaran beach itself. If you want to get some adventurous challenge, tracking on Grand Canyon River can be a great experience for you. You will see a green water color in awesome nature scenery here.

Don’t miss the chance to see the natural habits on the national sanctuary here. You will get awesome experience with its stunning experience. There are many species such as monkeys, bulls and exotic plants, which you can look closely. Capture the stunning moment on visiting Pangandaran. It’s time for you on diffusing with nature. Pangandaran tour is the best place to get your vitamin-sea.