Papua Province Tourism


Papua Province is located in east of Indonesia bordered with Papua New Guinea. Jayapura is the capital. The province is well known for their buah merah (red fruit) that has many health benefits. Tourism in Papua is on the rise, especially for the blend of nature and culture of the indigenous tribes.


Cities and Regencies of Papua Province


Papua is consisting of 1 city and 28 regencies. The city is Jayapura. The notable regencies are Asmat, Biak Numfor, Jayawijaya, Merauke, Mimika, Pengunungan Bintang, and Jayapura.


How to Get In


The common ways to get into Papua are by plane or by boat. There are several airports in the province including Sentani Airport in Jayapura, Biak Airport, and Oksibil Airport. The airports only serve domestic flights. However, there is a plan to develop international airport.


Popular Destinations


Lorentz National Park and Wasur National Park are two must visited destination at Papua Province. Lorentz National Park is UNESCO heritage site so the beauty is unquestionable. Papua is well known for the beautiful and colorful birds. Wasur National Park is one of best bird watching places.


The largest river in the province is Mamberano River, which many people call it Amazon of Papua. Baliem Valley is famous for the lovely tableland where the native Dani people live there. Do not miss to watch the interesting culture of the native and get some beautiful arts for souvenir.